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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Citydash: Adelaide Edition


Citydash: Adelaide Edition

Alana Trezise

Since their launch in 2008, Fire Hazard have been conceptualising street games for the public which involve intrigue, fun and fitness; creating what they call 'real life movie experiences' for everyone. This year, Fire Hazard are bringing their highly successful Citydash game to Adelaide, and will be taking place during our favourite time of year, festival season baby!

Originally designed by an Adelaidean, Citydash started out in London and is now played across a number of cities in Europe and USA. Luckily for us, the creator wanted to bring the game back to its hometown, and will be happening as part of the Fringe. Brilliant! 

Battling it out with near-by teams, you can watch the live scoreboard and see where your team is sitting in the dash to reach as many checkpoints as you can within the 60-minute time frame. Throughout the game, new checkpoints are revealed but only attainable through cryptic clues but most importantly, each of the checkpoints are guarded, so you really need to get your sneak on. 

So what does the game actually entail? Running for checkpoints, navigating the ever-changing map and ducking for cover as the patrolling guards close on in, you can strategically or spontaneously solve the clues, and of course keep your eyes peeled for those all important bonus points. Epic. 

The event will be happening on February 21, for more information or purchasing tickets, checkout their website

Images via Glen Morfey