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Adelaide, SA, 5000

INTERVIEW: Karah Castellan of Laneway The Third


INTERVIEW: Karah Castellan of Laneway The Third

Emilie La Pietra

As the weather warms up, nights become longer, and Adelaide's best little boutique / alley-way / container / pop-up bars and venues open up, the re-opening of Laneway: The Third, is upon us! 

We were absolutely giddy with excitement with the re-opening and revamp of one of the cities best and most unique bars! We had a chat to Karah Castellan, the Venue Manager and one of the creative minds behind Laneway: The Third.

Tell us a little bit about Laneway The Third and the creatives behind it

Laneway The Third is the third summer season of our outdoor container bar and it is the best season we have seen so far! This season hosts major upgrades from seasons 1 and 2 with some brand new features being included that will make Laneway better than ever. This season has been fueled by a number of different creative features but overall we wanted to create that homely outdoors feeling, one where you feel as if you can chill out with friends but also can have a bit of a dance.


 What is new at Laneway this time round?

Laneway The Third has so many new things going on this season, we have added a new front open deck that looks onto Hindley Street and at our own pretty spectacular laneway. In addition to this we have changed the design and layout of the venue to create more space and shelter and have also added a dance floor to give everyone a chance to twerk away (haha).

 Laneway will also be sporting a new cocktail list this season that explores a fun and fresh range of fresh juices and cocktails that will tantalize your taste buds! But don’t worry, we have kept some old favourites like the inappropriately appropriate cocktail with everybody’s faviourite alcohol and juice combo – vodka, peach vodka, watermelon, pineapple and a dash of orange juice.


Describe a typical weekend and Laneway, and what people can expect

A typical weekend at laneway involves drinking a fresh vodka juice or fun cocktail whilst listening to our new live DJ’s playing awesome tracks. Your weekend can be anything you make of it this season, whether it be chilled out session or a big night out, Laneway Season Three has it all!


 What is the main inspiration behind Laneway The Third?

There have been so many different inspirational ideas around Laneway The Third and I think we have done a great job at pulling them all together to form a venue that has a chilled out vibe and that looks like the ultimate outdoor garden that you can party in. Everyone craves being able to have access to a chilled out garden with delicious drinks and essentially this is what we have created.


If Laneway Bar could only play one album on repeat, what would it be?

Sticky Fingers - Caress Your Soul.


If you could describe Laneway Bar's general vibe in one word, what would it be?



What will Laneway The Third bring to our city?

A place to go where people can let down their hair whilst enjoying a chilled out venue with amazing fresh and fun drinks. Its Adelaide’s very own backyard party as we want everyone who steps into Laneway to feel at home.