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Adelaide's Rising Star, Tilly Cobham-Hervey


Adelaide's Rising Star, Tilly Cobham-Hervey

Alana Trezise

Recently we caught up with Tilly Cobham-Hervey, the leading lady in Internationally acclaimed and locally produced film, 52 Tuesdays. At the moment she is working on a mini series in Hobart called The Kettering Incident and when she isn't filming, has been experimenting with a faster-paced Sydney lifestyle.

When we asked Tilly to tell us a little bit about herself, she said...

My name is Tilda Cobham-Hervey but everyone calls me Tilly. I turn 20 in less than a month and I don't know if I’m very okay with that. I’m currently trying to teach myself French. Yesterday I tried to learn how to tap dance and I was spectacularly terrible. My favourite smell is freshly rained on cement and I like taking long walks on the beach...


As a local actress who started out in Adelaide, how do you feel about your recent success with films One Eyed Girl and 52 Tuesdays?

Surprised. Excited. It really has been a bit of an unexpected whirl wind. I feel incredibly lucky. I think what I feel most lucky about is the incredible people I have been able to work with. I’m also really proud that both of these projects were made in Adelaide. It feels really special to share a glimpse of your own city with the rest of the world.


As 52 Tuesdays was filmed every Tuesday over the span of a year, how did this effect the filming process, and your own personal development throughout this time?

Yes, 52 Tuesdays was quite an unusual project. This was the first film project I had ever been involved in so in some ways it felt quite normal. It never felt like we were making a film as such. It was more like living in a parallel universe. Working with the team over a year makes it feel (as cliche as this sounds) like a family. It was interesting working within a such strong sets of rules. There are many Tuesdays I wish we could do again and I think we all wished that we skipped some Tuesdays, went to yoga, did a crossword, or whatever it is that you usually do on a Tuesday! Another really interesting thing about the process was that we were only given the scripts a week before, so we never knew what was going to happen to us next.

When people ask me how this project affected me it is very hard to articulate. I believe that your 17th year no matter what you are doing is a big year of change. I’m not entirely sure what I would be, had I not worked on this project. Although it is in no way a documentary it still captures a year of all of our lives and I think that can be quite confronting. I don't just mean for the people in front of the camera. It was such a close knit team that everyone's stories and experiences are captured within the final product.


52 Tuesdays and One Eyed Girl have both received a number of accolades including 52 Tuesdays' inclusion in Sundance film festival, and taking out Berlinale’s crystal bear for best youth film. How did it feel for these films to receive such positive worldwide attention?

I think we all feel very lucky. They are both quite unusual projects and for that to be recognised on a world stage is very humbling. That being said, I do not take work for that reason. First and foremost I believed in sharing these stories. The fact that people then enjoyed listening, watching and hopefully discussing them is an added bonus. I think I’m still getting used to the idea of them being out in the world. Both projects feel quite personal, and the idea that those stories are being shared in places all around the world is quite bizarre.

We noticed that Margaret and David from At the Movies watched and discussed 52 Tuesdays! How did that feel?

That was a slightly out of body experience... Margret and David are basically the Gods of Australian Cinema... The idea that they would be discussing a project I had been involved in was equally terrific and terrifying. They were both quite nice to us which was a relief. I try not to read or think to hard about reviews. This film was an experiment and the experiment succeeded. We made a film....But I’m not going to pretend that it isn't nice to hear that people enjoyed it or took something away from it. I feel or hope that this film represents people that don't often get (to be) seen on screen.

As an Adelaide-based girl, what are your top three places to visit when you are home?

That is an excellent question. There are so many great new things opening up at the moment!
I have recently been very impressed with all the surprising little bars and restaurants down Peel st. My family has recently got a whippet, so a wander around Victoria racecourse is inevitable. A Friday night dinner at the central market also always occurs. A weekend adventure to the hills' organic market cafe that maybe involves cake for lunch and a sleepy gander through the botanic gardens is always a winner. I also enjoy doing bad dancing at Supermild and will always try and see a show as well. I think thats more than three....*

*It may be more than three but they are all tremendous places, so we had to include them all! 

Check out Tilly's wonderful performance in 52 Tuesdays and One Eyed Girl, and keep and eye out for the mini series The Kettering Incident, which will air on Foxtel in Australia and BBC Worldwide.