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Beatbox group 'Dr Sound Fx' Rap about


Beatbox group 'Dr Sound Fx' Rap about

Alana Trezise

Have you ever tried to beatbox? It's hard isn't it. No matter how much you try, it's physically impossible without the gift. But damn, it would be cool to speak like Optimus Prime or drop a beat whenever you feel like it.

Beatbox trio Dr Sound FX were the centre of attention at The Producers Hotel last week. After their performance, everyone wanted to meet the group to hear lifelike Snoop Dog and improvised beats they gladly dropped by request.

Their set at the COMMUNIQUE Arts Showcase was nothing short of entertainment. If you weren't overly absorbed in your thoughts of 'how did they do that?,' there's no doubt that a remix such as Over the Rainbow/ David Guetta was making you dance. 

Though, we must say in our minds, nothing could quite beat this improvised dedication to '' chukka chukka boooom (we're still trying to figure it out how they did that noise.)

You can check it out in the video below!

Thanks Dr Sound FX, Radelaide looks forward to seeing your next show!