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10 reasons you know you're an Adelaide hipster


10 reasons you know you're an Adelaide hipster

Alana Trezise

We know it, you know it, but you won't admit it because you're too cool for that. If you tick the following boxes, there is a good chance you are certainly, most definitely, undeniably, an Adelaide hipster. 

  1. If you have a coffee date, lunch date or breakfast date that isn't on Ebenezer Place, it better be somewhere that doesn't ruin your srs street cred. 
  2. Your best-friend works as a bar tender, door girl or DJ at Supermild, Rocket or Jive. 
  3. You had a beard or dip-dyed hair before it was mainstream.
  4. You currently have, or have had a nose-ring at some point in your life. Either that or a septum piercing because nose-rings were sahhhh over done. 
  5. You are tight with the guys at your local tattoo parlour, and have 'just a few' cool tattoos to brag about. You enjoying stopping to visit them after parking your bike on Rundle Street. 
  6. You have a Tumblr and like to post your favourite indie remixes before they are played on Triple J. 
  7. You have glasses that help you see because you are blind, even if you don't need them for any reason but to look cool. 
  8. No need to make plans on a Friday night, you know you're going to be at The Exeter.
  9. You Instagramed the latest outfit you bought at the op-shop (or General Pants, it's just 'modern vintage', you know?)
  10. You want to move to Melbourne.