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Splendour in the Grass 2014


Splendour in the Grass 2014

Emilie La Pietra

Splendour-goers, it’s time to get nostalgic. Those who didn’t attend, it’s time to mourn. After 3 huge days, you are sure to have gained some sort of sickness. But after every torn shirt, lost mobile, dropped food, spilt beers, and light-weight mate, it was all completely and utterly worth it.

The synths? They ruled. The house beats? Ruled. The dancing? The displays? The food, crafts, and general atmosphere? Well, It all bloody ruled. This year, every act was a highlight, with each performance dripping in magical-wonderfulness (literally cannot find any other words to express how awesome it was). There was something for everybody; all genres were covered, with guitars in conjunction to dance rhythms (Metronomy, Chvrches, Foster The People), alternative rock (Interpol, Foals), and reimagined grunge-pop (Sky Ferreira). It would be impossible to pinpoint one main highlight: Lily Allen gave the performance of a life-time filled with hippie-style bright coloured displays, closing the festival and carrying the crowd out on an absolute high. Others included Peking Duck sharing their set with various artists like 360 and Kite String Tangle, Childish Gambino had the whole crowd eating straight out the palm of his hand, Ball Park Music brought the house down with their performance of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Foals - who dedicated a song to the absent Two Door Cinema Club – tore up the Amphitheatre, and Sky Ferreira absolutely killed it on the Mix Up stage.

Amongst the highs, there are always some lows: the annual Splendour Traffic Jam is always an annoying obstacle that must be tolerated; sitting in a humungous block of traffic, feeling like you’re stuck in an apocalyptic movie, is a time-honoured Splendour tradition. Another- after one day at the festival police had seized a large quantity of drugs – where reportedly more than a kilogram of “cannabis, pills, and powder” were found. And a group of vandals decided that it would be funny to tamper with the Splendour Hollywood-like sign, rearranging to read “PLENDOUR IN THE ASS”… ok, so maybe not so much a lowlight.

All in all, Splendour ’14 was an all-round success. People were all clearly there for the music and to enjoy themselves. Byron acquitted itself beautifully, and most importantly of all- the atmosphere was relaxed, friendly, and the weather was a treat. Now that it’s over, whether you did attend or not, we can all begin to mourn together.