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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000




Paige Kerin

Attention, humans of Adelaide. You are soon to experience salvation in the form of a new Utopia known as Surrender; risen from the ashes of Barrio, like a Phoenix from fire.

Like Vatican City in Rome, Surrendenisia will come to life as a micro-nation in the great city of Adelaide, denouncing the Australian Government and its allies and occupying the Intercontinental Hotel Plaza.

Experience the fruits of the President of Surrendenisia, Doctor YaYa - Father of All Sentient Beings. Drink, dance and dine with strangers who are soon to be friends. Experience salvation from our world of ‘cultural, social and political despair’ with rapture and reckless abandon.

You do not require your passport to enter Surrender. Doctor YaYa welcomes people of all nationalities; the only requirement is an open heart, mind, and soul. Enjoy banquets, folkloric performances, and public floggings. When Adelaide bursts with life in the early months of 2015, this new Utopia is an experience for the soul, absolutely not to be missed. We will be temporarily denouncing our loyalty to Adelaide to take salvation in Surrendenisia.

The Earth is precious and you are all colour blind.

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Where: Surrendenesia (formerly known as the Interncontinental Hotel Plaza)
When: Feb 20 - Mar 15, Fridays to Sundays.
How much: $10 after 7.30pm.