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Georgia On My Mind


Georgia On My Mind

Paige Kerin

It’s very clear that Georgia Zogopoulos’s personality, style, and work ethic is made for a career in Fashion and PR. She greets everyone with the warmth and joy of an old friend, and her effortlessly chic style confirms your fear that you have absolutely nothing worth wearing in your own wardrobe. Aside from her on point fashion, at only 24 Georgia is Head of Public Relations at the fast-growing Australian Fashion Labels empire. 

Only a short way into a thriving career, she’s decided to culminate her creative talents and love of fashion into her new blog, Nineteen Ninety. The blog, like her Instagram, is a clean and chic representation of who Georgia is and her amazing style. This Adelaidean will set your jealousy level to about 11/10, but you can’t help but love her (and want to dress like her). I sat down with her for a one on one to get to know the girl behind the blog. 

 How did you get your start?

I studied a Bachelor of Media at the University of Adelaide and interned at the Lofft in Melbourne, and then worked in the sales department at Australian Fashion Labels. When the company decided to take PR in-house, I was approached to start the department and obviously said yes!

When did you decide to start your blog Nineteen Ninety?

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a few years now and I'm always inspired by all the bloggers I work with every day. A few friends gave me that push I needed to get started.… I thought it would be a great opportunity to express my style and be a creative outlet.  It also helps that I have access to amazing clothes!


 What drew you to fashion?

I’ve always been obsessed with clothes and fashion – working in retail taught me so much about styling and enhanced my love for the industry.

You’ve got a great signature style – how has that developed?

Thank you! I've taken inspiration from my days searching through op-shops for vintage finds, working in retail and now surrounded by the beautiful labels at AFL, my style has evolved subtly. If I still had to define my style I would still say I am a girly tomboy… Now it's just a little more polished. 

 Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I'm inspired by the girls I work with and fashion bloggers… I still read a lot of magazines such as Russh, Elle, Oyster and Vogue and would say that most of my inspiration comes from them.

What are some of your favourite blogs?

As you could imagine, I have many! Shine by Three, Maiden Sydney and The Haute Pursuit are some of my favourites.

You’re often seen wearing your Chanel Bag – do you have any other statement pieces?

Yes, at the moment my Chanel bag is my favourite piece – it goes with everything. I’m also in love with my Kenzo jumpers and Moschino belts – I'm starting to collect them!

2U6A5425 copy.jpg

Do you think Adelaide has merit as a fashion city?

Definitely. The people here have such great street style and the the personalities to match. We've always been very lucky with the choice of boutiques and now with some of the bigger brands coming here as well, shopping in Adelaide has never been better. 

Favourite stores?

BNKR, Green With Envy, Acne Studios and Topshop.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Building even stronger relationships in the industry and continuing to travel as much as I can. There are so many opportunities with the work that I do – so it's definitely an exciting time for me. 



All photo credits to Seb Paynter for Georgia Zogopoulos.

Check out Georgia’s blog Nineteen Ninety. You can thank me later…