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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000




Steffan Esposito


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It was a pretty cold evening but like always, that changed as soon as you stepped into the venue. Unfortunately I arrived just as Voyager were packing up their gear.

I walked in past the merch desk whilst eyeing down some amazing art that these bands have going on, sleepmakeswaves were about to start. The vibe was nice, the crowd seemed very inviting and judgement-free, purely there to watch the music.

sleepmakeswaves were mind blowing.

If you were looking for a sober way to have an emotional+spiritual awakening, this band will do exactly that.

I didn’t even go to the bar, I just stood there in admiration. They made playing along to backing tracks not look lame at all. At times when the band faded out and it was thought that the piece was over, they would strike back on the third note of the bar out of nowhere and crescendo into an epic outro.

As expected, the mix sounded amazing. Each instrument clear as day, you could tell that the members had great chemistry and were not fighting to be heard between each other.

Once the blue tinted lighting glow and smoke kicked in, I became even more immersed. The bassist was rocking that bald head & luscious beard-look and all four members were in black t shirts and jeans. They had a really cool set up with the drummer front and centre of the stage, in line with the other three members. I guess you can be a little more creative when there is no frontman/singer to compensate for.

The drumpad-cue'd distorted synth lines added that euphoric element to something that already seemed flawless. They were very humble and thanked the crowd for the amazing reception. The guitarist left of stage then whipped out the most amazing lead guitar tone i have ever heard, with what sounded like a ring modulator flourishing transparently around the distorted signal.

Karnivool definitely came to mind as a similar rhythm sound to a few of their tracks and I could easily picture Ian Kenny singing over some parts.

The mood was now suspenseful as Dead Letter Circus' techs line-checked the bands gear and then out of silence, a tripped out EDM version of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ came on the p.a.

They finally came out to a roar from the crowd and an amazing light show. They performed Lines early on, soon followed by another crowd favourite, Big. 

There were so many different elements/parts going on the each song, I could imagine them during the studio process treating each song like a construction site until fully completed. 

I was blown away once again by the level of professionalism and flawlessness that I was witnessing. Truly a world class live act.

Towards the end of their set they brought the dynamics down with a cool electronic interlude which progressed into their latest single I am, which was my own personal highlight. Everyone was singing to the melody 'Take me instead, I'll stand in the middle, A Martyr once said, hoping to deliver us..'  Which then exploded into that powerful chorus.

You definitely get more than your moneys worth at a Dead letter Circus show; pitch perfect vocals, flawless instruments, amazing crowd interaction and an incredible light show to top it all off.

To be honest, both sets by sleepmakeswaves and Dead letter Circus sounded like one long song. And I’m not complaining, it was brilliant. I wouldn’t be surprised if both of these bands were trying to portray a journey throughout their set, if so, they totally pull it off. 

Everything about this night, for each and every band involved, was of the highest quality you could imagine.

Go to their next show, you won't be disappointed.

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