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Steffan Esposito


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Lime Cordiale
Glass Skies

So when I heard The Delta Riggs were coming to town, I was still ‘that guy‘ who only knew The Records Flawed and Supersonic Casualties from the album in which they are touring; Dipz Zebazios. In the lead up to the show I did my research and ended up fangirling pretty hard by the time the date came.

Glass Skies were the opening local support act and I had seen them numerous times before, all of which were amazing. They had a newly recruited 4th member who had an awesome beard and took the wheel on guitar and also bass when the bassist would progress to the synth to create those psych/freak out synth lines.

They tore that stage apart and with even more hair than Black Sabbath, it was a wonderful mess. Playing my personal favourite, Ghost followed by Spirits, Lemonade (which had featured on triple j) and lastly, the explosive Highway which ended with a bloody face, broken drumsticks and a fuck-tonne of adrenaline.

They truly rocked and the evidence is not hard to find. Josh the singer clocked himself with his guitar headstock in the last track Highway and had blood streaming down his face. After the track, he said on the mic “I think I broke my nose”. Luckily, it was at the end of the set and not the start. The band later posted on facebook a few photos, including one of him sitting in an ambulance giving the thumbs up! Glad to see he was ok.

Lime Cordiale were next and they set up with a much mellower vibe than the psychedelic riff explosion that was Glass Skies. With an indie pop sound, it was enjoyable but to be honest, it got boring quite quick. The songs didn’t seem to progress from one main beat surrounded by the same basslines. There was the occasional cool fuzzed out guitar sound and more aggressive dynamics but either way, lots of the crowd were enjoying it and that's what you want from a show.

I think Glass Skies just set the bar extremely high to start with.

Now, The Delta Riggs.

I was front row at this point and eyeing down the guitarist’s Mosrite guitar, whilst also admiring the acrylic drumkit. I noticed that hat’s are definitely still a thing, as are good ol' fierce mullets, which the drummer was reppin'. They had a really cool stage layout, with the bassist next the the drumkit behind his mic and pedalboard, it gave a different perspective to the usual four across the front of stage.

Opening with It’s over,  followed by Counter Revolution, they played The Records Flawed early in the set. That chorus still has to be the coolest melody that I’ve heard all year, “Untie me, only then you will find me, sitting under this plastic nation, I’m in a Simulation” Great lyrics.

I was getting super Kasabian vibes from these guys, and they looked and sounded 100% like a british band. If I hadn't know they were form Melbourne, that’s exactly what I would have thought.

These guys delivered a whollop with a very engaging stage presence to match. With the singer making the mic stand his bitch and really owning the ‘frontman’ role and the drummer sweating through his denim jacket, they put on a great show.

Crowd favourites and massive sing alongs (even though their whole set was a massive sing along) No Friends, Supersonic Casualties and lastly, Rah Rah Radio capped off their set before the inspiring encore.

They came back on stage to a roar from the crowd as the singer started singing Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz. This ascended into the full band putting down a fat groove to it and got the crowd jumping. As the mood was at it's peak, they whipped out I Was Profound Tomorrow and  Money  to finish.  

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It's Over
Counter Revolution
For Tonight
Ornate Delicate Creatures
The Record's Flawed
Bobby's Flowers
Scratch Flower
No Friends
Supersonic Casualties
Telescope House
Rah Rah Radio

Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz) rendition

I Was Profound Tomorrow

All images taken by Wade Whitington