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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Wild At Hart Markets


Wild At Hart Markets

Mirna Taslidza

It's a local food market with a hell of a lot of heart! Placing emphasis on local and organic produce, community interaction and reviving a rundown Adelaide suburb.

Located at the historic Harts Mill in Port Adelaide, Wild At Hart Market is the new 'must-brunch-then-instagram' location. Open every Sunday from 9am to 1pm, the market features locally and ethically sourced produce, ample amounts of organic goods, devilishly delicious naughty and nice treats, irresistible baked goods, coffee, fresh cold pressed juices, smoothies... and pretty much anything your heart, or in this case, your stomach desires.

My first impression of Wild At Hart Markets was pure shock... in a good way of course! Expecting to see a few average-looking stalls selling stale bread and imported produce, instead I was greeted by crowds of people thronged by market stalls with a basket of fresh produce in hand and a coffee or artisan loaf in the other.  Sounds of cheerful yet soothing jazz music, mixed with chatter and laughter filled the air, all against the surprisingly beautiful backdrop of Port River and the Harts Mill. For a moment, I was transported back to my trips to picturesque markets in France and Holland, where the markets overflowed with colour and quality produce and smells tantalised your taste buds. There was a strong sense of community and happy-go-lucky vibe all round! This is what Wild At Hart felt like.

Exploring the markets was like an episode of food safari, each stall hosting a unique cultural cuisine; from Hungarian to Turkish, with a bit of vegan and gluten-free in-between. My pick for must-visit(/eat) stalls include:

  • The Fakery Bakery
    Who thought veganism couldn't be fun and delicious... This stall is your one stop shop for all your vegan freshly baked goods, including pizza scrolls, scones, quiches and 'imma make you weak at the knees' cupcakes in flavours like Choc Strawberry and Peanut-Butter Cup.
  • Wienerbago
    Now if the name isn't enough to get you salivating, then their gourmet wieners will do the job. Crafted using only SA produce, these gourmet hotdogs accompanied with freshly baked rolls, local condiments and sauerkraut (optional but recommended), are seriously delicious and ridiculously moreish.  
  • Bakerhus
    For those who spend their Sundays or entire lives carb-loading, Bakerhus is the (only) destination for scrumptious pies, pastries and baked goods. Speaking from personal experience, their Moroccan Lamb pies and Peach and Poppyseed muffins are highly recommended.
Sourced from Faker Bakery's Facebook page

Sourced from Faker Bakery's Facebook page

Besides the abundance of delicious, fresh and local food available, Wild At Hart Market is about a bigger picture. It's about fostering a strong united community, teaching healthy and sustainable food practices and giving back to their valued community members. 

"It's a community market that strives to benefit the community as much as possible. Healthy and sustainable living is another huge motivation for this market," says market co-ordinator Steph Taylor.

"We all think we are so busy and that we don't have time to be healthy or participate in the community, buts thats not true...we just a rent very efficient! So having a market once a week where people can interact and access good quality and heathy produce is a great thing,"

"And i have never seen so many happy people like i do at this market... and thats just a reflection of this community" says Taylor.

So if you're after a new Sunday morning brunch spot, or you're passionate about local and ethical produce, Wild at Hart Market is worth a go! Its full of bold, wonderful and unexpected things.