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Breaking Beauty brought to you by MidnightSun Publishing


Breaking Beauty brought to you by MidnightSun Publishing

Alexandra Lekis

Some people say that beauty is intelligence. Others say that beauty is a belief. Emily Dickinson once said “Beauty is not caused. It is.” 

Now, as much as they may admire Ms. Dickinson's work, twenty-seven writers have ignored these declarations and asked themselves: What is beauty? 

Breaking Beauty is a collection of short stories by these established and emerging writers, students of the postgraduate Creative Writing program at the University of Adelaide, who have discovered that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.

The stunning cover of  Breaking Beauty , by MidnightSun's designer, Kim Lock.

The stunning cover of Breaking Beauty, by MidnightSun's designer, Kim Lock.

Breaking Beauty explores the themes of beauty, one of humanity’s greatest obsessions, in a unique way. The authors find that beauty has many identities and disguises and rarely exists without its wicked underbelly. Before you go aligning this book with the likes of the tragic The Picture of Dorian Gray and it's destructive view of beauty, the authors also discover beauty in conventional places like love, sex and the innocence of childhood as well as tucked away in suburban driveways, lurking in train stations, nestled amongst grape vines and in…cupcakes?

During the countdown to the launch of Breaking Beauty, MidnightSun Publishing released a small sample of teasers on their Facebook page to give us a taste of the, well, beautiful stories to come. The teasers are shown below, courtesy of MidnightSun Publishing (we didn’t think it was fair for you to miss out on these intriguing images - they certainly spiked our interest).

Late last year, MidnightSun Publishing celebrated the marvellous collection’s launch at SA Writers’ Centre on Rundle Mall. The night was a success, with a room packed full of people, and a record of double the number of books ever sold at a South Australian Writer’s Centre book launch!

Expertly edited by Lynette Washington, this fabulous collection from MidnightSun Publishing containing stories about beauty in all of its forms proves, once again, that short stories can be just as compelling, enthralling and poignant as their lengthy novel counterparts. 

So is the perception of beauty really subjective? Is it all in the eye of the beholder? You’ll soon find out….


For further information, checkout their websitefor all things Breaking Beauty.

All images courtesy of MidnightSun Publishing