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5 Ways You Know You're an Adelaidean


5 Ways You Know You're an Adelaidean

Paige Kerin

5. You’ve Had A Night Out on Hindley Street

Ah Hindley Street, the kind of place dreams are made of; and by dreams I mean brutal hangovers. A night out on Hindley Street is just about a rite of passage for any Adelaide teenager. Thankfully, we’re spoilt for choice on Adelaide’s club strip, as it provides a spectrum of venues to suit any taste. Super Mild, Rocket, Tijuana Showgirls or even the Woolshed (if you’re into that kind of thing), are guaranteed to provide a great night out that you may not even remember.

A familiar scene   via This is Radelaide

A familiar scene via This is Radelaide

4. You’ve Seen Adelaide from the Top of a Mountain

Geographically, Adelaide is a pretty crazy city. It’s flat as a tack, and then BAM, the foothills lead straight up to a majestic mini mountain range. One thing I’ve decided is that the views you get from a few points along the hills, are pretty damn beautiful. You can see Adelaide in its entirety, east to west, north to south, in one captivating view. The buildings of the city are nestled together in a little huddle, the Oval a gleaming white spot next door, and patches of green everywhere, marking our many parklands and ovals. Everyone should take in Adelaide either the morning after a hike up to the top of Lofty, sitting on the lighthouse watching the sun set, or taking in the sparkling lights of the night sitting in a car next to someone you hope to kiss by the end of the night.

3. You’ve Been to a Festival

I have never considered us the City of Churches; in fact I don’t know many people who have. When I think of Adelaide, I think of the capital of the festival state, and man am I glad that’s who we are. Adelaide’s calendar is jam-packed with festivals of all kinds for all ages, it just depends what you like! A true Adelaidean has honoured our namesake and attended a festival, whether it’s the Fringe, Cheesefest, Womad, the Cabaret Festival, Asiafest or one of the many, many more. Adelaide is like a fine wine, it will only get better with age, and the exciting things we’re seeing at the moment with food trucks, small venues, and new festivals, is just the beginnings of our rise to super-city status. 

They don't call it Mad March for nothing   via Adelaide Fringe

They don't call it Mad March for nothing via Adelaide Fringe

2. You’ve Experienced Adelaide’s 2 Degrees of Separation

I have a love hate relationship with this aspect of Adelaide. It’s great because you can head out and nearly always see someone you know and haven’t caught up with in ages. It’s bad, because Adelaide is like Gretchen Wieners; it knows everything about everybody. We love that our city is so small, but swiping through Tinder here you just about have mutual friends with everybody. You know you’re from Adelaide when you meet someone and the first thing you ask is, ‘so what school did you go to?’, then proceed to figure out how you both know John/Jane through uni/work/school/drinking.


1. You’ve Joined the Adelaide Hype

Adelaide has this funny habit that other capital cities like to make fun of. We get really excited when new things happen, and then after a week or two, we move on. The Rundle Mall renos, Krispy Kreme, the Burnside Village Tree, the smallest possible magnitude Earthquake ever recorded, and cycling in January, are just a few of the things that everyone in Adelaide makes a fuss over, and the Advertiser thoroughly cover, and everyone fights about it on Facebook. We love our fads, but it makes us a city with a constantly changing character and the topic of conversation is never the same! Unless you talk about the weather, in which case, you should find something new to talk about.

This one time, people lined up for hours to get donuts   via Adelaide Now

This one time, people lined up for hours to get donuts via Adelaide Now

We know what fritz is, we have shared in the frustration of Adelaide Metro, we’ve all whinged about traffic, we’re proud of having giant silver balls, and we just think Adelaide is heaps good.