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DZ Deathrays live at Fowlers 17/10/2014


DZ Deathrays live at Fowlers 17/10/2014

Steffan Esposito

DZ DEATHRAYS @ Fowlers Live 17/10/2014

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Horror My Friend

Image via Google

Image via Google

I last saw DZ Deathrays in May on their hugely successful Black Rat tour, so this time round I was super excited. Just getting back from a slaughter of shows and festivals in the UK (literally, returning to Australia the day before), I knew it would be huge. 

I rocked up to Fowlers right as local boys Horror My Friend were halfway through their set, shocked at how many people were already at the venue for the opening band, it was packed! The place was buzzing and it was only 8pm. The entire front row was head banging and loving it. 

The drummer lost his drumstick once or twice but easily recovered as they finished with ‘Kaleidoscope’ and the title track from their latest EP ‘A Million Hands', with an awesome instrumental jam section throughout the middle of the track. These guys give off early (first 2 EP’s) Children Collide vibes, with a healthy dose of Mudhoney in there too.

Second band on was Velociraptor which included both members of DZ playing guitar. I missed these guys when they were here last month, so it was good to finally catch them. 

The charismatic vocalist kicked off their set with an insane yell into the mic, followed by the drummer’s count-in to a super bouncy groove which resolved into the first song. They certainly didn’t have a lack of stage presence either, with seven members on stage and instrument swaps throughout the set, they were great to watch. Their style is very reminiscent of Kings of Leon in their “Red Morning Light’ era, but with more surfy guitar riffs and 60‘s rhythms similar to The Monkees. 

As they finished, I could not believe the energy in the room. The pale ale’s went hand in hand with Van Halen cranking in between each band. With it being an all ages show, it was great to see a mix of young dudes and dudette’s appreciating the tunes, as well as the familiar punters soaking up the sounds. 

Image via DZ Deathrays' Facebook 

Image via DZ Deathrays' Facebook 

DZ Deathrays had just finished their line check and the energy was electric. Every single person in the room knew the place was about to erupt.

The lights dimmed, they cruised up the stairs, followed by their hair, picked up their instruments and struck the first chord of ‘No Sleep’. Before they even reached the chorus, my shoe was lost, and four crowd surfers had jumped up and over the barrier. They played the prime sing-along song ‘Cops Capacity’, second and as expected, ‘East say cops, west say capacity, cops capacity, cops cops capacity’ was chanted by the crowd.

It was non-stop, song after song, the crowd were bouncing. People were still smiling as countless limbs went soaring over head. They threw in a perfect mix of old and new songs and placed their ‘softest’ track,  'Northern Lights’ in the middle of the set which gave everyone's legs a quick break.

I finally re-united with my shoe during ‘Ocean Exploder’ and watched as Shane boogied on top of Simon’s drumkit for a dramatic finish to the song. They followed it with ‘Reflective Skull’ and man, this was the highlight for me. I saw a guy do the jumper-pumper dance (as seen in the music video) whilst crowd surfing. The songs outro sounded huge, with the extra octave pedal engaged on his guitar and really made the roof shake. They ended their set with ‘Gina Works at Hearts’ which left you more than satisfied without needing an encore.

To sum up the experience that is DZ Deathrays, you have to compare it to a completely off-tap, band-orientated house party, where inhibitions are nowhere to be found. I may be biased because these guys are one of my favourite acts right now, but I highly recommend you get a ticket to their next show before they are playing The Gov, if not the Thebby, and taking over the universe.

DZ Deathrays headline The Blurst of Times music festival. (Image via DZ Deathrays' Facebook)  Check out the line up here:

DZ Deathrays headline The Blurst of Times music festival. (Image via DZ Deathrays' Facebook)

Check out the line up here: