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The Dynamic Duo: Scott and Scarce


The Dynamic Duo: Scott and Scarce

Mirna Taslidza

Scott Faulder and Victoria Scarce are the talented duo behind up-coming local fashion label Scott and Scarce.  Together they co-design pieces that echo the latest trends, create striking yet wearable silhouettes and use exclusive fabrics and prints. Founded only earlier this year, this ambitious duo are already proving they have the perfect concoction of talent and expertise to take the fashion world by storm. 

This year they will be showcasing at the Adelaide Fashion Festival's prestigious Emerging Designer Showcase. But hold up- they will be showcasing not jus one collection... but four collections!


The duo had a chat to fashion writer Mirna Taslidza, about the evolution of their label, appearing in the AFF, and some of their favourite Adelaide hang outs!

How was your label Scott and Scarce established?

Well, Victoria Scarce and myself (Scott Faulder) Graduated from TAFESA’s Advanced Diploma in Fashion design and technology together and after 2 years of going solo as fashion designers, we both came together with the idea of starting our own brand.

Tell us a bit about yourself and background as fashion designer?

Scott at first studied architecture but was discouraged by long design and build time lines and found that fashion offered the fast and exciting creative process he was after. From there he went on to work as a designer, patternmaker and production manager for a local manufacturer.

 Victoria’s background started with up-cycling the art of altering/redesigning vintage and op-shop clothing, as her hobby grew she decided to take the next step and study fashion.

 What motivated you to establish your own fashion label?

Two years of not getting anywhere fast as a solo designers! Victoria’s designs were endless and I Scott had manufacturing experience it seemed clear that we had an opportunity.

What sparked your love for fashion?

Victoria’s adoration for fashion started with her love for retro vibrant fabric prints she would find in op-shops. My love for fashion started after viewing Alexander Mc Queens Platos Atlantis Runway show.

Where did the name Scott and Scarce come from?

Our names! Scott Faulder and Victoria Scarce, scott & scarce just seemed to work!

Describe your label in 5 words?

Exotic, Vibrant, fearless, daring and unique 

How did you find out about being chosen to showcase at the Adelaide Fashion Festival as an emerging designer?

We had a phone call from Christina Tridente and were super excited!!!

What collection are you showcasing at AFF?

We are showing all 4 of our collections!!! Tropic Fusion, Geo Tribal, Vanilla scuba and Faux Warrior.

How have you been preparing for the AFF?

We have been spending a lot of our days/nights working on promotion campaigns and our social media and ensuring we have adequate stock levels of our beautiful garments ready for the runway, online boutique and upcoming markets.

What event are you most looking forward to at the AFF?

We are so excited to see the emerging designer showcase, as it is our debut Scott & scarce runway!

What inspired you to become fashion designers?

 The love to create wearable art. 

If you could collaborate with any fashion designer who would it be and why?

Emma Mulholland would be our number one choice because of her mad style and quirky prints.

What are you doing when you aren’t designing?

When we aren’t designing we are still in the studio working on patterns/specs and organising the manufacturing of our stock, but in the little spare time we have we go Ice skating- our favorite pass time!


Do you have a style-muse? If so who is it and why?

We have so many! All of the amazing bloggers/girls on our Instagram.

 How do you cope with the pressures and demand of the fashion industry?

The only way with coffee, chocolate and donughts!

 What is the general process you go through when designing a collection?

Scott and I (Victoria) analyse upcoming trends, meet with fabric agents and from there we add our own spin and inspiration to begin sketching out hundreds of working drawings. From there we work out what is commercially viable and from their hone in on our seasons styles.

Where are your favourite places to go in Adelaide?

Ice Arena, Little Miss Miami & Fancy Burger.


Besides Adelaide what are your favourite cities and why?

 Barcelona because of the endless nightlife and the people.

Model : Dani Adey

Photographer: Haley Renee