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DMA's live at Rocket Bar 10/10/2014


DMA's live at Rocket Bar 10/10/2014

Steffan Esposito

DMA’s  @ Rocket Bar 10/10/2014 

- Supports - 
The Creases

I was intrigued by the amount of hype DMA’s have had around them, and with this being their first Adelaide show, I wanted to see if they lived up to it.

The first band on were local dudes Archers, a 5 piece guitar wielding delay-verb machine. With a live sound reminiscent of The Smiths and Sticky Fingers, these guys delivered smooth danceable grooves topped with fetching vocals. The second song in their set was a stand out for me, spaced out guitar lines over an upbeat rhythm section keeping things alive whilst the vocals were perfectly engaging.

Most of the attendees grabbed their bucket hats and beers and headed upstairs to the rooftop in between the bands. Rocket usually tends to pick up pretty late and this show had sold out so we knew there was going to be a few more influxes of punters and ‘Triple J fiends’ before the night picked up.

Tour supports The Creases were on next and as the bar lights dimmed, the blue and red stage lights set a chilled mood. I was getting Kasabian-esque vibes from the bass player and with a sawn-off guitar, the vocalist had his own look going too. Their sound is very accessible and pretty much any audience could easily tune in and enjoy. The songs were pretty straight forward and the vocals were the strong point in my opinion.

As The Creases finished, the venue was packed and you could feel the anticipatory atmosphere for DMA’s. It was 11:30ish before all six of them finally took to the stage with a DMA’s chant from every punter in the room. With their ‘lad’ aesthetic, you would think they were about to bust out a fat rap verse, but this was not the case. They kicked into gear with ‘Feels Like 37’ which was definitely the best song they could have opened with in my opinion.

Small band room = loud band room, when the levels were pumped up during the set, the lead guitar lost a lot of clarity with the wash of volume but you could still just about make out the recognisable melodies.

Their whole set made for an overwhelming feel-good atmosphere with a dense dance-pit grooving on near the front. They road tested a new track, ‘Lay it Down’ which went down just as well as the rest. Crowd favourite and giant sinaglong ‘Delete‘ finally came toward the end of their set, the swaying lighter or two were in the air and the acoustic guitar brought the dynamics right down for a nice change of pace.

They do remind you of Oasis, but with a heavy mix of Supergrass, early Blur and The War on Drugs too. With an impressively tight live show and casual image, DMA’s definitely live up to the hype.