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Interview: Sofia Kapris, SCK The Label


Interview: Sofia Kapris, SCK The Label

Mirna Taslidza

From humble beginnings designing made-to-order dresses for a handful of close family and friends, local label SCK is catapulting to fashion stardom, attracting the likes of Khloe Kardashian to the labels timeless creations.

We sat down with one half of SCK The Label, designer Sofia Kapris to talk all about SCK, inspirations behind the label, future ambitions, and of course SCK’s selection as a finalist for 2014 Adelaide Fashion Festival’s emerging designer showcase.

 How was your label SCK established?

 SCK first started as a made to order business. Sofia would design & make dresses for a handful of her close friends & family. After a few weeks she offered her Service’s to the public.

Tell us a bit about yourself and background as fashion designer?

 I (Sofia) have no background in fashion design; my family are all in the fruit & veg industry! However, my grandmother used to sew & she did teach me a few tricks.

What motivated you to establish your own fashion label?

Due to high demand from the public for the designs, by business partner Leannda and I both decided to come together & relaunch the label to make it more accessible to the public. We are close to reaching our first year anniversary since the re-launch & we are super excited!

What inspired you to become fashion designers?

I have always loved dresses & my closet has always consisted of 90% dresses. I couldn't see my future anywhere else other than designing the one thing I love

so much! Leannda is also designing a swimwear range which will be available this summer & we will also be showcasing one of them at the Adelaide fashion festival.

Where did the name SCK come from?

SCK is my initials - Sofia Constantina Kapiris (a typical long Greek name haha!) 

How did you find out about being chosen to showcase at the Adelaide Fashion Festival as an emerging designer? 

We received the email not long ago, very excited to participate!

How have you been preparing for the AFF?

This will be what we consider 'our first proper runway show' so we have made sure we have had the designs ready in advance, kept organised & are ready to count down the days!

Where do you find inspiration for your collections and label?

I'm not one to follow 'trends' I am inspired by the women we dress. I like to think that I know what women want & how they like to feel when wearing a dress.

Describe your personal styles?

Leannda and I are both very similar in style. We like simplicity that's effective. Pairing statement & basic pieces together.

What makes your label different from other fashion labels currently available on the market?

People know a SCK dress before they see the label & that's what I love! It shows that I have created a signature that is original & unique.

If you weren’t fashion designers what would you be doing?

 I would be trying to be one!

What is your favourite thing about being Adelaide fashion designers?

Adelaide is a great state with a lot of creative minds! However, people always assume I am from Melbourne or Sydney!!!

What are your favourite shopping destinations in Adelaide?

 The Myer centre in the city, it has mostly everything you need!

Where do you see yourselves and label in the next 5 years?

What Leannda and I have accomplished in less than a year is mind blowing! As time goes on we see the label growing bigger & stronger. We believe 5 years from now SCK will still be around as a strong standing label doing great things. I would love to bring out a lipstick range in the future that's another one of my obsessions!

What are your favourite Adelaide hangouts?

Anywhere that has burritos please :) oh & some good dessert! Elephant walk is a great little place!

What has been your favourite or most rewarding moment as fashion designers to date?Christmas Day, I woke up & Khloe Kardashian was wearing a dress I made her! A very surreal moment.