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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000



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Bai Long Store Brings Fire To The East End

Alexia Frangos

A simple concept executed perfectly; Bai Long Store brings your favourite fusions to Hutt Street.

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REVIEW: The Nourish'd Kitchen

Bonnie McBride

Health conscious cafe and delivery service with light and easy approach opens in Stepney 

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Review: Assaggio Ristorante

Alexia Frangos

For lovers of fine food, exquisite wine, impeccable service, and an amorous atmosphere, Assaggio Ristorante is the place to call home.

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REVIEW: Ginger's Coffee Studio

Alana Trezise

Situated on Goodwood Rd, this wonderfully renovated vintage X retro lounge bar is the brain-child from the folks behind The Pantry on Egmont, providing patrons with the perfect blend of delicious food, aesthetically pleasing art and the best eggs benedict on the South side. 

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