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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

The second Levant Eatery on Pirie Street


The second Levant Eatery on Pirie Street

jenny qian

Whether it’s grabbing a bite with your uni friends during break hours, or tipsily walking passed it on a night out, just across the UniSA’s City West campus on Hindley Street is the three-year-old Levant Eatery. With a huge success on Hindley Street, a second location of the eatery has been opened in Pirie Street and less of a commute for others in the CBD area. It's always been a food destination everyone has been to or curious to try.

No restaurant can quite master Eastern Mediterranean food like Levant Eatery. The family that opened the eatery come from Iraq and many of their recipes are passed down from generations. With a variety of hot pockets, cous-cous or quinoa salads bursting with Mediterranean flavour, one can be indecisive when choosing what to eat. There’s also a bunch of $5 sides, such as fries, halloumi sticks, tater tots and chips with home-made dips. Plenty to pick from!

The breakfast and lunch menu has been kept the same, with the addition of morning toasties filled with traditional Middle Eastern ingredients such as sujuk (turkish sausage) or za'atar. Alongside a variety of toasties, you can also grab a quick coffee to go. 

Although the interior is vibrant in colour like the original cafe, the new location ironically has a rustic vibe that resembles an old cosy Arabic hotel. With an open kitchen, the eatery emanates a casual and welcoming atmosphere.  Whether you’re on the go, or want to catch up and have a meal with the friend, Levant Eatery is a top place to hang and relish in Eastern Mediterranean goodness.


Address: 70 Pirie St Adelaide

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4pm