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The St. Louis Experience: 'A Pièce De Résistance'


The St. Louis Experience: 'A Pièce De Résistance'

Gerasimos Canatselis

The French are known as the pioneers of dessert, they are the artists behind the canvas when it comes to all things sweet. So, what’s the ‘French Connection’ between such treats and our modest city of Adelaide?

St. Louis House Of Fine Ice Cream And Dessert, is one of Adelaide’s most well-recognised and established decadent dessert bars. Established by George and Misha Karamalis, their idea for creating a gourmet dessert bar came to fruition after they experienced a romantic journey through the charming city of St. Louis, France. The flavours, the warmth and the joy that were filled in St. Louis’ inner-city streets, drew this couple to bring a touch of their journey to their hometown of Adelaide.

Local Talent  Tiana Riemel  with St. Louis Founders'  George and Misha Karamalis

Local Talent Tiana Riemel with St. Louis Founders' George and Misha Karamalis

With St. Louis currently operating at five different locations throughout Adelaide and having recently opened in the Philippines, the once small-scale idea has truly grown and prospered. The delightful desserts certainly can appeal to all sweet lovers big or small, as St.Louis provides quite the desirable range. Their dessert creations are quite the visual, with extraordinary taste to match, their locally made ice-cream adds new meaning to the phrase ‘flavour sensationand their Spanish Churros, are where the true magic lies.

We were exclusively invited to a formal tasting of St. Louis’ newly launched Summer Menu. The store captures the Parisian setting perfectly and this event was no exception, with many of us feeling away from little Adelaide and into the dreamy heart of France. The rustic décor and design captured the mood perfectly. All our senses were captivated, being surrounded by sweets, the aroma of coffee brewing in the air and the touching sounds of local artist Tiana Riemel playing to iconic, classic French tunes.


After a warm welcoming with Mumm Champagne served on entry, we were briefed on the night’s affairs by owners George and Misha. The tasting began with an entrée of churros, served with a tasteful variety of sides and the holy trinity of melted chocolate (white, dark and milk). The churros were golden and crisp outside, and yet soft and fluffy inside. There was no ill-combination, every side added a new string of taste and flavour to the dessert.


With our dessert mains, we decided to taste St. Louis’ newly re-imagined signature dishes 'Eton Mess’, ‘Strawberries and Cream Shake’ and a ‘White Chocolate and Lemon Curd Crepe’.

The ‘Eton Mess’ is a sweet trip of crushed meringue, fresh strawberries, raspberry coulis and lemon curd. All served in a martini glass with French vanilla ice cream and raspberry, this dish was definitely hot to trot.


The ‘Strawberries and Cream Shake’ is a wild strawberry milkshake topped with fresh cream, a pink Nutella macaron, Persian fairy floss and raspberries. The rose-water flavoured fairy floss, was the defining element to this dish. Drawing a real taste of European delicacy, to this elegant classic.

The final main was the ‘White Chocolate and Lemon Curd Crepe’, one of the stores most well-recognised selections. The crepe is hand made, by Louis’ very own dessert specialists, then filled with lemon curd and melted white chocolate. The dish is topped with fresh strawberries and French vanilla ice cream. The tartness of the lemon curd provided balance to the decadent sweetness of the white chocolate, engaging both your sweet and sour tastebuds.


With our appetites nourished and clothes tighter than ever, we were all overwhelmed by the time we reached the final scoop. A cup of St Louis white chocolate, caramel and honeycomb ice-cream. Light, creamy and refreshing, there's a reason as to why this is a regular favourite.


As the night approached conclusion the atmosphere felt like a hearty family dinner, filled with laughter and plenty of food. To define the night as a success is an understatement, a major highlight of the evening was the service of the staff. The staff and their vibrant personalities, set the tone of the affair. As the sun set, we were reminded of the unique combination that sets this dessert store apart from others. With the calming Glenelg sunset easing and the warm flare of the French getaway dessert bar burning away, we gained a true appreciation for the cultural prosperity that makes our great city what it is today.

All Photos Credit To Gerasimos Canatselis