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Top Picks For Pizza This Summer In Adelaide


Top Picks For Pizza This Summer In Adelaide

Chelsea Griffith

Summer has arrived. Your plan to get fit and healthy for the silly season has either failed (which means you can now give up and get pizza) or succeeded (which means you can now celebrate and get pizza).

Browse below to find the perfect pizza for every event, mood, occasion.


Tony Tomatoes

They had me at ‘complimentary olives’.

Sip a spritz as you take in the lively, buzzing atmosphere. The pizzeria’s dark-toned interior, combined with the acoustics of an open-plan dining area, mean Tony’s is just loud enough, but feels intimate enough, that you could go with a group of friends and carry on like you’re filming an episode of the Kardashians; or you could go to catch up with an old friend or date, talk at a civilised level and feel as if you’re the only ones there.

The Margherita is divine. However, I’d advise you to adventure out just slightly and pick the Prosciutto; for some perfectly salty cured ham atop the usual tomato, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil. Or, take on the tongue-in-cheek Jenny Craig Special; a medley of mozzarella, asiago cheese, gorgonzola, stracchino cheese and black pepper.

If you’re really shredding for Summer? Grab a Veg Patch on Wholemeal Superleggera with vegan cheese. That’s basically like eating a salad, right!?

Finish off your night with Tony by ordering the plush Chocolate Fondant.

(Pro tip: There are two fondants per serve, but don’t tell your mate or date. Convince them to order the heavenly Tiramisu, then whip out your best ‘oh no! we should have just shared one!’ when your desserts arrive.)

Source: @tonytomatoesadl

Source: @tonytomatoesadl

Antica Pizzeria E Cucina

Incredibly fresh and authentic pizza. The Margherita best showcases their high-quality ingredients, without distraction. I’m usually THAT person who leaves a bit of crust behind; but Antica’s soft-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside Napoletana-style crust offers a textural heaven for the fior di latte, San Marzano tomato and basil to rest upon.

On date night, finish off a pizza each before piercing open a Nutella Calzone and watching the warm, thick, choc-hazel goodness ooze onto your plate.

Go with a group of mates and share up to three pizza toppings on a metre-long pizza, then finish off with a metre-long DESSERT pizza; covered in Nutella and ice-cream, dusted with strawberries and nuts. Heaven really is a place on Earth, and that place has two locations; one in Hyde Park, one in the city.

Inevitably grab an Instagram, or be forced into taking someone else’s Instagram, of food backlit by the neon Pizza is Sexy sign; before inevitably trying to convince yourself that going next door to 50SIXONE after gorging yourself on cheese and Nutella is a good idea.

Source: @anticapizzeria

Source: @anticapizzeria

Sunny’s Pizza

A bar/bistro from the 80s had a baby with a nightclub, and the result was pizza.

Wooden-panelled walls unevenly peppered with black-and-white framed photos, a disco ball spraying greenish light across cobbled stone walls and a dusty pink ceiling. DJ-spun music and the conversation of buzzing 20-somethings loosening up after work. Neon signs, knick-knacks and greenery. A vibe. An Instagram.  

The pizza is delicious; but this gastronomic experience is only complete when pizza is accompanied by a couple of Sunny’s ‘not pizza’ items. Get the fried squid. You’ve gotta get the fried squid.

Use this self-described ‘Clubstaurant’ as a civilised pre-drinks, and responsible carb-base for further drinks, at nearby Cry Baby.



Marryatville Pizza Pan

Homely, warm and friendly. Relaxed patrons and pizza-makers. Have a laugh with welcoming staff and enjoy top pizza for take-away price. Your money cannot go further for quantity, or quality.

I went with three friends and we shared a huge party-sized pizza, side salads, soft drinks, pastries and gelati, for less than $20 each.

I’d recommend L’Italiano, and the Prosciutto. Enjoy the fresh, high quality ingredients, which taste as though they should be more expensive than they are. Sit down and have a civilised wine ‘n dine, or order take-away in preparation for the latest Bachelor in Paradise episode later this Summer. Triangular food to match the triangular-love feud? A mood.

Source: @marryatville_pizza_pan

Source: @marryatville_pizza_pan

Melt Pizzeria, Henley Beach

Unwind with a Froot Loop cocktail as you watch the sunset from the rooftop at West; before heading downstairs and enjoying a Melt meal while sitting aside your chosen company, facing the ceiling-to-floor glass window that overlooks the sea.

Ocean views, signature spritz and a pizza list to catch the eye of the conservative and the adventurous alike. Crispy, thin bases and options that offer something a little different. Try the Broccolini, The 38 (grilled zucchini) or the Patatas (crushed potato and truffle) for a more exciting alternative to your usual pizza order.

A relaxing, sand-free and sophisticated alternative to your usual fish and chips on the beach this Summer.

Source:  @meltpizzeria

Source: @meltpizzeria