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The Man Who Made Gordon Ramsay Cry is Making Your Bank Account Smile


The Man Who Made Gordon Ramsay Cry is Making Your Bank Account Smile

Chelsea Griffith

On his new app’s website, celebrity chef Marco Pierre White tells us ‘gastronomy is the greatest form of therapy that anyone can be exposed to.’ So I guess refreshing the EatClub app obsessively for the past hour can be credited as ‘self-care’.  

via  The Daily Telegraph

via The Daily Telegraph

EatClub is advertised as aworld-first dynamic pricing platform that allows restaurants to instantly fill empty tables, and customers to enjoy incredible dining deals.’ In the era of UberEats, Marco wants to ‘bring people back into venues and enjoy food the way it was meant to be eaten – straight from the kitchen’.

I downloaded the app to open a map of Adelaide, peppered with small red bubbles. I clicked on the icons which hovered over local eateries and up popped deals for discounted food and drinks. There are those rare moments, within which you realise your entire life is about to change completely. Today, I had one of those moments. I whispered R.I.P to my recent pay check and went on a red bubble-clicking frenzy.

The EatClub app


I found a deal for 20% off Schnithouse and one for 30% off Gelatissimo, and promptly cancelled my plans with a packet of Mi Goreng. Deals can offer up to 50% off food and drinks; but you’ve got to click ‘Redeem’ fast, because restaurants only offer a certain number of vouchers at a time. The scarcity of deals available might actually force me to make a quick decision on where I’m going to eat for once. Saving on food, and saving on the time I’d be listening to the chorus of impatient huffs from my friends and family? Sign me up.


It’s a win-win. Restaurants fill empty tables, hungry Adelaidians fill their bellies with discounted food (and every fibre of their being with feelings of superiority as they look smugly over at the full-price paying customers sitting at the table over). Plus, if you want even more reason to fuel your superiority complex, EatClub’s co-founder Marco Pierre White picked Adelaide to join the Eastern states in experiencing the service, over Perth and Canberra; praising our local food scene as impressive. This is coming from the man who was so unimpressed with Gordon Ramsay he reduced him to a sobbing wreck. Our food is good.

Scroll through the list of restaurants signed on, to find local legends Burgastronomy, Midnight Spaghetti, Propoganda, Thanh Thanh Vietnamese, 2KW and Electra House.

For a limited time, you can use the code ADELAIDE to get a further 20% off your meal, in addition to the deal you’ve snatched. Forget about that New Year’s resolution to eat at home more, you’ll be able to come up with a new self-placating lie in just over a month’s time anyway.