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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Do Your Health A Favour: New Protein Balls ADL Coffee House


Do Your Health A Favour: New Protein Balls ADL Coffee House

Adriana Sinicropi

For the love of protein balls! Protein Balls ADL is serving up guilt-free treats that’ll make you tongue wag, in their new, convenient location on Henley Beach road. The PBA Coffee House is a small, cosy and inviting space, perfect for a quick coffee before work, or as a reward on the way back from your morning stroll. With a focus on changing the way we view health food, PBA uses plant based ingredients in their truest and rawest form to create foods that make our insides happy and our outside glow.


Let’s start with the coffee, shall we? Although I am no coffee drinker, luckily, we all have that one friend who anxiously fidgets and starts to rip out their hair if they don’t get their lips around a steamy cup of coffee in the morning. So, according to my coffee-enthusiast friend, the coffee goes down smooth and every taste has you going back for more. Sounds pretty convincing, right?

Smoothie Bowls

The PBA coffee house spoils us for choice when it comes to smoothie bowls. With selections including Acai Coconut, Snickers, Bounty and Pink Pitaya, there is something for everyone. The best part? Their fresh-tasting, refreshing and generous smoothie bowls start at $14.90 and are enough to feed a small army – or at least enough for us to take home as leftovers. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

Protein Balls

Peanut Butter...Raspberry Ripe...Chocolate...these are a few of my favourite things. Every mouthful makes you go back for more and is the perfect snack to accompany their selection of smoothies, protein shakes, herbal teas and coffees.

Raw Vegan Slices

“Let them eat cake!” I scream as I down my Lemon Cheesecake slice, without taking a breath, while eyeing out other flavours including the Bounty slice and White Choc Raspberry slice. Did someone say raw slices aren’t bad for you? It’s hard to believe it, but all the PBA Raw Vegan Slices are made from, you guessed it – raw ingredients, containing plenty of nutrients and natural sweeteners. Nevertheless, these treats will have you licking your fingers, just like any other non-vegan cake.

The new PBA Coffee House is open for business Monday to Friday 7am until 4pm and Saturdays 9am until 3pm. For more information head to their Facebook or Instagram.

Header image via Adriana Sinicropi