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A Fantasy & A Nightmare All Wrapped Into One Massive Eating Challenge


A Fantasy & A Nightmare All Wrapped Into One Massive Eating Challenge

Harrison Schultz

Eating challenges; they’re not for the faint of heart at the best of times, and Adelaide has entertained quite a few over the last few years. From kilo burrito challenges to giant pizzas, massive AB’s and fire like hot wings, now there’s a new beast and it might be more threatening than any before it.

Dwelling in one of Adelaide’s most notorious top coffee spots, this challenge is the creation of none other than the sadistic* geniuses at Brighton’s CREAM. This ‘thing’ ... for an honest want of a better word, looks as though it is straight from a nutritionist’s nightmare. So, without further ado, we introduce you to a challenge that is part sweet, part savoury and all parts fear inducing.

If you plan on accepting this challenge your opposition is as follows:

-          6 Hotcake (1kg)

-          500g Rogo’s Fried Chicken

-          20 Rashers Maple Bacon

-          Maple Syrup

-          1 Large Coffee/Hot Chocolate/Chai


Contenders will also be supplied with 1 litre of water which as much or as little can be consumed.


30 minutes or less:

The Stack Attack Champion T-shirt.  

Your name on the "STACK ATTACK CHAMPION" wall with your successful time


Under 20 minutes:

Over 18, a slab of beer or cider!

Under 18, a $50 CREAM Gift Voucher!

If you’ve got the courage to take it on then it might just be time to put your money where your mouth is. The challenge doesn’t come cheap at $65 a pop, but hey, if you’re a serious challenger the reward and temptation of success should be enough to jump right in.


Know of any other great eating challenges? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll go check it out!

Photo credit: CREAM Facebook