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Spaghetti Western Saloon Is Adelaide's Best Themed Restaurant


Spaghetti Western Saloon Is Adelaide's Best Themed Restaurant

Erin Gear

Spaghetti Western Saloon is Adelaide's newest addition to the string of popular restaurants along King William Road. The restaurant has only just opened this week to the public, and I can already tell you that it is going to become a real Adelaide hotspot in no time.

Three levels separate the restaurant into bar on the ground floor, dining area, on the second floor, and a functions centre on the third floor. The bar area is covered in photos of cowboys and neon signs, with a cocktail menu to rival even the best of Adelaide's cocktail bars.

The dining room is separated between a bar at the foot of the stairs, where either side offers a different dining experience. The Mezzanine section offers a spacious table and chairs dining room with easy access, and a clear view of the bar. However, the Parlour section really sets Spaghetti Western Saloon apart as a restaurant in terms of social dining experiences in Adelaide. The Parlour looks somewhat stable-like, with wooden panelled booths and benches lining the middle of the room. Along with the dimmed mood lighting, the red brick and moss-green painted walls covered with framed photos of famous Hollywood cowboys, from Robert Redford to Clint Eastwood, give for an authentic looking (Spaghetti) Western Saloon aesthetic.

The music choice throughout the restaurant was super unpredictable, and as a result very noticeable. Background music tends to be just that, background music. However, at Spaghetti Western Saloon, to accompany the Hollywood era, classic western setting, hip hop is played in the background - but it works so well! A bit like how the classic rock soundtrack featuring Queen works in Heath Ledger's medieval drama-edy A Knight's Tale - it just does. Spaghetti Western Saloon's choice of music was perfect, it gives the place a really cool Bronx meets the Mid West vibe right here in Adelaide.


Obviously I was very impressed with the restaurant itself, and not surprisingly the food was great too. It's a very traditional Italian menu, and the Chicken Piccata and Veal Saltimbocca are real highlights. Salty, creamy and succulent - your plates will be licked clean. As for starters, the Friend Ravioli is - forgive me - da bomb.

Desserts are equally as inviting, and you haven't seen Italian desserts dished up like the way Spaghetti Western Saloon does them in Adelaide before - that's for sure! The Peanut Butter Panna Cotta is divine, but it's the house specialty Tiramisu that really takes the cake ~pun intended~. Served with a secret ingredient that gives it a real kick (was that a clue?), the Tiramisu is served up right in front of you at the table. No cake display cabinet servings here, it's all from scratch cooking!

The starter bread is also worth a mention. I'm not usually one to promote filling up on bread before a meal, but believe me this fresh house-made bread is worth the stomach space with it's super creamy, cultured butter.

spaghetti western

Spaghetti Western Saloon is a dining experience in Adelaide you do not want to miss out on. Not only are they bringing the American to an Italian menu, they're bringing the Wild West too. In fact, I think it's the best themed restaurant in Adelaide at the moment. The staff are super friendly and attentive, and offered the best and most enjoyable and genuine service I have received all year - and no, they did not know I was reviewing them. 

Star Rating: 🌵🌵🌵🌵 (four cacti, because they are far more relevant than stars in a cowboy's Mid West America)

Images via and Adelaide Food Central's Instagram
Header Image via Spaghetti Western Saloon's Instagram