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The Bake Box: Homemade Goodies Delivered To Your Door


The Bake Box: Homemade Goodies Delivered To Your Door

Adrienne Goode

If you’re a lover of decadent brownies, toothsome slices, or all kinds of sweet-inspired goodies then let us introduce you to your newest dessert crush, The Bake Box.

Self-described as “two food obsessed friends”, Head Baker Ruth Haren, and Social Media Manager Chrissy Kavanagh, have created a business that puts local artisanal talent and your tastebuds first.

Delivering to your door every Friday, The Bake Box are making your sweet dreams come true with ever-changing boxes of brownies, cookie sandwiches, slices, donuts, tarts, and more for $29. Alternating themes and baked treats each week, Haren’s creations aren’t only just dainty works of art—they’re seriously delish, too.

Each menu item is prepared, handcrafted, baked, and delivered with the utmost love by Haren herself. Not only can you find these treats at your door each week, but you can also find them at local cafes, Royal Copenhagen (Semaphore and Brighton) and b3 Coffee (Blackwood).

We caught up with local lady, Ruth Haren, to chat about her baking process, personal brownie faves, and what the future holds for The Bake Box.


Can you tell us a little bit about The Bake Box and how this idea was formed?

The bake box was created with the idea of sharing delicious homemade goodies. Each week, a box of treats is available to be purchased online. You can buy it for yourself, to share with your office or send to a friend. I (Ruth) had been baking for years and sharing it with family, friends and colleagues who always told me that I should be selling my baked goods. The idea actually came about one night over dinner eating Thai food! Along with some friends, the two of us were throwing around ideas and this one came up and seemed like it filled a gap in the market. 

You describe yourselves as ‘two food obsessed friends’. What is it like co-owning a business with your friend?

Chrissy was very involved in the setup of the business however has since moved to Sydney and so now has more of an advisory role. It is great for me (Ruth) to be able to ring her and bounce ideas off of her and she understands what I mean or what I'm trying to do as she was there from the beginning. 

The ladies behind these delicious goods, Ruth (left) and Chrissy (right).

The ladies behind these delicious goods, Ruth (left) and Chrissy (right).

Your baked treats have been a hit between your family and friends for a while now. What inspired you to turn this passion into a business/career?

I always received great feedback from my family and friends about my baking. I would cater for events for family and friends and would always hear the comment- you should really get into business doing this. I think the positive encouragement and feedback really made me believe what I was producing was good and worth selling and sharing with other people. 

Each week you get creative and deliver different baked goods to the week before. Can you tell us a little more about this and how you decide what to include in each weekly box?

Some weeks are easy as there is a theme that I can base it on- eg chocolate guinness cupcakes with Irish cream frosting for St Patricks Day or chocolate mud cakes with Easter egg nests for Easter. If there is no official theme, each week I try to create my own theme- one week might be raspberry or chocolate or brownies. I tested a wide range of things to start with to see what would sell better and soon realised that the more decadent and luxurious, the more popular it is!

Can you talk us through your baking process?

I bake from my home kitchen so everything is made in small batches and super fresh! I am methodical and efficient and can produce a lot of baked goods in one day. I think my record is 900 cookies in a day leading up to Christmas! The part I love most is putting the finishing touches on a product- whether it is piping icing or scattering dried flowers or a dusting of icing sugar. I take great pride in making sure my products look amazing as well as taste great. 

You bake everything from brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and slices (my mouth is watering just thinking about them all)! What are your personal favourites to bake and devour yourselves?

I love the brownies- raspberry or salted caramel would be my favourite! I also love the lemon slice when I'm in the mood for something not as sweet. 

How do you see your business developing in the near future?

The business is taking a different path from where it first started. The biggest part of the business at the moment is supplying baked goods to cafes. I have three cafes which I supply to regularly- Copenhagen Semaphore, Copenhagen Brighton and b3 in Blackwood. They were all looking for something a little different and interesting rather than the generic mass produced cakes that are found in many cafes so they are loving my creative, delicious, small batch goodies. I'm looking to expand this part of the business and supply to a few more cafes around Adelaide. I also have some plans in the works to start my own cafe which will feature the baked goods. 

What is the most challenging thing about being a business owner? How do you manage it?

The most challenging thing for me at the moment is that the bake box is my second job so finding time to balance two jobs can be tricky. However, I am good at time management and I always draw up a plan before I start baking, detailing what I need to bake and timeframes to complete everything. Owning my own business gives me the opportunity to do what I love and to take different paths and try new things.

Visit The Bake Box website here, like them on Facebook here, and follow them on Instagram here.

Header via Royal Copenhagen Brighton.

All other images via The Bake Box.