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Praise the Lord Of The Fries, As They Debut An Adelaide Store


Praise the Lord Of The Fries, As They Debut An Adelaide Store

Michaela McGrath

We’ve all been there, slouched over whatever greasy fried food that our drunken 3am selves have deemed appropriate, or maybe ducking in for a quick detour to the drive thru the morning after. Regardless of the time, place or sobriety, we’re willing to bet that as you’re devouring the only thing that will breathe sustenance into your less than desirable state, few of us ever stop to think about the wider impact of our late-night culinary decisions beyond the formidable food baby bloat that will inevitably ensue. 

With their grand opening on Friday, Lord of the Fries take to Hindley Street with food made of love, not animals, and an ethical twist on your fave fast food eats. A concept constructed on a love story, Lord of the Fries hatched from owners Mandy and Mark’s mutual love for each other, vegetarianism and of course, fries. What started out as a modest food truck doing the rounds of Australia’s music festival scene – including our very own WOMADelaide – the ethical burger joint has expanded to stores in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, New Zealand and now Adelaide!

Not only is the Hindley Street locale the first store in South Australia, but also the first to be 100% vegan. We’re already a sucker for anything locally owned, but not only is Lord of the Fries based right here in Australia, they’re locally sourced and only use the freshest Aussie potatoes for their famously thick, crispy and delicious fries. Of course, as they serve exclusively vegan food, eating at the Hindley Street store means avoiding contribution to the 20% of man-made pollution that originates from the meat industry. Who knew chowing down on a burger could feel so damn virtuous? But it doesn’t stop there, Lord of the Fries proudly exclude all chemicals and preservatives from their products and even repurpose the oil used to cook your delicious plate of chips to later fuel the trucks that deliver said oil. Talk about recycling!

Already fully on board with the fast food chain’s stunning display of environmental awareness, sustainability and local focus, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to taste test the goods.  Last week we were treated to a sneak preview of the all-vegan menu ahead of their whirlwind launch. With faux chicken nuggets, onion rings, burgers and the namesake fries all on offer, we caught ourselves forgetting that everything we were tucking into was animal product free.

We certainly didn’t go hungry, trialling and testing as much as our stomachs could muster to bring you a comprehensive guide of our faves menu picks:

FRIES: First off the bat, the fries. Central to the store’s name and reputation, there’s no surprise that Lord of the Fries have their chips well and truly on point. Serving up four variations of the potato snacks, we were more than impressed with the range. The menu caters to every kind of fry fanatic, which includes classic cut, chunky, shoe string and sweet potato varieties.


BURGERS: Burger and fries are a love story as old as time, so it only makes sense that we let you in on those next. Throw all of your assumptions of vegan food to the wind, these burgers will have you stressing that you’re chowing down on real-deal meat products with an impressively accurate flavour and texture profile. We sampled the Original, New Guru and Phish varieties and were equally blown away by each. Complete with vegan cheese, sliced onion and tangy pickle as well as a vegie “beef” patty and lashings of vegan mayo, mustard and ketchup, the Original burger is ideal for all of the classic cheeseburger lovers (ourselves included).

SIDES & SAUCES: Pushing our stomach capacities to the limit, we also sampled the menu’s onion rings and “chick’n” nuggets as well as the extensive selection of dipping sauces on offer. Available in a stand alone bucket or in a munch box with fries, both side dishes were incredible. Crispy, crunchy and seasoned to perfection, we couldn’t get enough. In terms of sauce selection, say buh-bye to your standard tomato and bbq. Lord of the Fries’ array of tasty sauces will give you a serious case of condiment consideration. From the Indian inspired mango chutney to the Belgian mayonnaise, choosing the perfect accompaniment to your fries is really the ideal dilemma.

Who knew tucking into a take-away meal could feel so GOOD? Next time you’re craving a juicy burger and the most delicious fries to boot, hit up Lord of the Fries for a meal that will make your stomach, taste buds and heart sing.

WHERE: 23A Hindley Street, Adelaide

Photos via Ben Neale