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Back To School With A Coffee Masterclass By Cibo


Back To School With A Coffee Masterclass By Cibo

Michaela McGrath

Adelaide is a city known for its iconic Mall’s Balls, manic Mad March, undying commitment to great wine and, of course, Cibo. If you’ve ever so much as taken a short walk around our great city you’d have come across – or more likely indulged within – one of the South Australian born and bred cafes.  Since their plight to introduce an authentic Italian experience to Adelaide began in 2000, Cibo Espresso has become a name synonymous with reliably delicious coffee.

The essence of Cibo has been crafted to incorporate four key elements that are key to a truly authentic Italian experience. A fusion of chef, restaurant ambience, artisan pasticcere and barista make for café’s charm that we know and love today. It’s clearly an equation for excellence as the classic red frontage has popped up in thirty stores across Adelaide alone.


A barista of 8 years, Cibo’s own Robby took us on a guided master class of their classic cuppa last Wednesday evening. After we sampled delicious eats and treats from the Cibo range, slurped down the good stuff and enjoyed the carefully curated ambience of the Rundle Street store, it was time to get schooled on the very substance that gets us through our long uni days.

On a tour of the café’s signature blend, we were guided through the ins and outs of what goes into each and every red Cibo cup. With a mantra that “coffee is more than just a drink”, Robby’s enthusiasm and passion for our caffeine-fueled morning ritual was infectious. Moving away from the on-the-go notion of a rushed energy boost, we were educated on the intricacies of how the flavour profiles, origins, roast and aging of the beans each intertwine for the CIBO precision that we have come to appreciate today. Perhaps the world’s most underrated bean, Cibo’s coffee is sourced from Brazil, Indonesia, Costa Rica and Ethiopia and is roasted medium-dark before being aged to perfection. The resulting coffee is a delicate blend of chocolate, fruity and acidic flavour profiles and a carefully balanced caffeine level to strong coffee aroma.


Nibbling on paninis, pasta salad, zeppole and cannoli, and our brains crammed full of newfound coffee education, we tried our hand at making our own latte art. As Robby had instructed, “coffee is more than just a drink” and so we attempted to transform espresso and milk into a work of art. Under the watchful eye and careful guidance of our in-house barista we fumbled through tulip and rosetta designs, needless to say that we gained a greater admiration of the everyday heroes behind our local coffee machine.

Next time you find yourself in need of a morning pick-me-up, ambient setting to unwind with friends or simply an indulgent cup of treat-yo’-self, head to your nearest Cibo for a tasty treat, dependable coffee and all of the good Italian vibes.


Header image via Cibo Espresso Facebook Page

All other images via This Is Radelaide