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Electra House Restaurant Level One Introduces New Head Chef Jamie Kang


Electra House Restaurant Level One Introduces New Head Chef Jamie Kang

Erin Gear

If you've been wondering about where the best Adelaide eatery is along the city tramline route, then wonder no more - because Level One, the upstairs extension of Electra House on King William Street, is the place to be. 

Having only recently poached, (that pun was far too tempting), executive chef Jamie Kang from Melbourne, Level One is introducing an eclectic and absolutely mouth-watering new menu. With experience in Modern Australian, Italian, Japanese and Korean cuisine, Kang's menu is an inspired fusion of East and West. 

Putting the fine in redefined dining, Level One offers a friendly and casual approach to fine dining in Adelaide; neglecting the pompous and pretentious undertones fine dining can often have. 

We were greeted upon arrival with Level One's signature beverage: a Macerated Strawberry Gin and Imperial Burma Tonic with dried red currants. Far too easily drinkable, in fact, I think I've found my new favourite drink. It tasted just how I've imagined the tiny vials of liquid labelled 'drink me' in Alice in Wonderland would taste; divine. 

Now, for the food, which is what we're all curiouser and curiouser about. Level One did not disappoint, the degustation we were offered was sensational - literally. It looked appealing, smelled appealing and tasted too good to be true. 

Starting with the Cold Starter menu, the Tuna Sashimi with avrugar, shallot and yuzu soy, and the cured and mixed rub Kingfish Tataki with asparagus, grapefruit and shallot were real highlights. Both clean and melt-in-your-mouth seafood dishes which will leave you scraping the plate. 

From cold starters, we moved on to the warm starters. Which you know is a sign of a good menu, and even better chef; as any food-lover knows, dainty food needs options for seconds. The Salmon Aburi with crispy rice and shiso was a personal favourite from the evening. It was creamy and crunchy and is most easily eaten by hand, which is where Level One brings the street into fine dining. The Pan-Seared Scallops with itogaki, miso cream and burnt onion salsa, and the Crumbed Pig Bits - which is not as adventurous as it sounds thank goodness - with pickles, mustard mayo and crispy sage were also delectable dishes on the degustation. 

But wait, there's more! The 'Bigger Plates' were the perfect blend of Asian and European flavours; the standouts of which were the Shitake Ravioli with miso cream, ricotta and pistachio, and the Pork Rack & Belly BBQ with Korean spicy chilli sauce, rice, orange, fennel and celery heart. The Italian ravioli, made from scratch in house, was soft and pillowy and was insightfully paired with Japanese elements. Japanese inspired pasta dishes should be the next big food trend, because this Shitake Ravioli was unreal. The table let out an audible moan when the The Pork Rack & Belly BBQ fell right off its rack, because let's be honest, there's nothing quite as orgasmic as seeing meat, moist and dripping with flavour, fall off the bone so easily. 

Full from all the amazing food we were able to sample, it was the dessert stomach's turn to take over. Asian inspired desserts are huge at the moment in the food industry, and on social media. Level One's newly created dessert range hits the sweet spot with this recent food trend. The vibrant and colourful Matcha Chiffon Cake with a Red Bean Parfait is both a light and indulgent way to end your meal at Level One. Matcha is often an ingredient I'm hesitant towards, as it can be extremely bitter, but Kang has perfected the 'not-too-sweet' but 'sweet enough' dessert with this one.

Level One is located upstairs in Electra House at 131 King William Street. To enquire, get in contact, or make a booking by visiting their webpage here.

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