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Adelaide, SA, 5000

Rejoice! Bianca, The Queen Of Pizza In Adelaide, Has Been Coronated


Rejoice! Bianca, The Queen Of Pizza In Adelaide, Has Been Coronated

Erin Gear

After tackling food delivery giant UberEATS in recent, the creators of Mlkman launched a brand new venture in Hey Bianca - an authentic, and exclusive Napoli and Sicilian style delivery pizzeria. We were lucky enough to taste their amazing creations, and hear about their new business start-up on Tuesday night. Let me tell you, Adelaide’s in for a real treat! Not to mention, that TODAY between 11:30 - 2:30 they will be giving away 100 free margherita pizzas, so make sure you're one of the lucky ones. 


These pizzas aren’t like your ordinary take-away, or even restaurant style pizzas. Not only are they better, they’re 20% cheaper than their main competitors, and have a recipe specifically designed for take-away by an Italian pizza consultant. Who even knew that was a job?! And how do I get it?

Business partners Aman Takhar and Jason Cross, avid fans of take-away, noticed a compromise in the quality restaurant style pizza when ordered for delivery. Pizza would arrive cold, stale or soggy - nothing like how it would be served in the restaurant. Hence the idea for Bianca, the exclusive delivery style restaurant quality pizza. To ensure the quality of your pizza from the oven to your door, the dough is proofed for 48 hours and has an airy crust to prevent that unwanted soggy pizza experience. 

What’s more is that Bianca has set itself the admirable challenge of following a ‘one for one’ policy, for every meal sold one pizza will be donated to the Food Bank here in Adelaide. The best pizzeria in Adelaide is not only affordable, but also charitable - do you need any other reason to place an order?

bianca pizza

We were intrigued to find out the inspiration for the name behind Bianca, an unusual and unique name for a pizzeria. Takhar revealed at Bianca launch party that research shows that 70% of take-away orders are placed by women - I can hardly say I’m surprised - so in part, the naming was an ingenious business strategy. He also credited the naming to noticing a lack of female named pizzerias, and wanted to bridge that gap in the market. As Bianca is a female name, and type of simple authentic Italian pizza, the name was a no-brainer for the business. 

The Napoli pizza is round and thin with an aired crust, and the Sicilian pizza is rectangular with a thicker crust. If you’re having trouble deciding, why don’t you both? You won’t be disappointed. 

For more information on how to order, download the App from the App Store, or visit their webpage here. It’s as simple as a few clicks!

Header image via the App Store.