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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

E for Ethel Ups the Ante on Local and Delicious


E for Ethel Ups the Ante on Local and Delicious

Fleur Brown-Beeby

E is for Ethel and

Excellent coffee,

English Muffins,

Eggy lemon curd.

 E is for ethical gifts,

Eclectic coffee cups,

Eeeeee poets and scrabble experts please feel free to chime in right here. Basically what I’m trying to say is, oh Ethel, a lovely little café store are you. Sweet and delicious. Elegant, even (BAM!).

Snuggled up on Melbourne Street, this place is all about local with a capital E. Artworks and handmade gifts from Australian designers spill off the walls and onto most available surfaces. Browse frames, cards, essential oils and earrings while you wait for your coffee, with a backdrop of familiar chat and chilled-out tunes. It’s the metaphorical equivalent of being in a giant tea cosy

E for Ethel

Owners Daniel Harland and Amanda Matulik have created an environment where the little things shine. This includes each element of the food, how it’s made, and naturally, where it comes from.  Ingredients are sourced from South Australia as much as possible.

I ordered the Mascarpone, Pistachio, Banana, Berry Compote and Lemon curd on an English Muffin because those words together sound just glorious.

E for Ethel Mascarpone lemon curd

It’s as honest and fresh as only Ethel could imagine. Every part of the dish has its moment. The lemon curd pairs deliciously with the mascarpone and berries, along with a kick of fresh mint, but it’s the pistachios I remember more than anything - those little green gems are making my mouth water for another round. It is, truly, Ethelent. 

E for Ethel won the vote for Best Coffee in South Australia by Yelp in 2015, so, like, if you’re going to go there you’ll probably want to order coffee. Beans are from De Groot Coffee Co from Port Elliot, South Australia - of course.

E for Ethel Coffee

It’s worth mentioning that the desserts by Sweet Lola (Greenacres) look like works of art, and the Scullery Made Teas (Barossa) are always winner winner.

You will go away thankful for the little things. Like earrings. And pistachios. And the warm glow of a cheerful café in winter.

Thanks again, Ethel. 

E for Ethel cafe

Open 9am-4pm every day except Tuesday.

Shop 7/116 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide 5006. 

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