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Malobo: Henley Square’s Game Changing Restaurant


Malobo: Henley Square’s Game Changing Restaurant

Adrienne Goode

Henley Square’s Malobo is the brunch you begin fantasising about at 6AM and the dinner you’d kill for at 6PM. Two pieces of crunchy ciabatta toast are generously blanketed by smooth avocado and sprinkled with a variety of toasted seeds. Drizzled on top is enough mint and lime to invigorate your taste buds, plus the addition of a runny poached egg is the perfect complement to these flavours. The restaurant’s charm doesn’t stop at its extensive brunch menu though, with a piping hot flat white in a large bowl (3 shots) on offer, Malobo is what coffee dreams are made of.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of our system, a little more on the new establishment.

The 2015 redevelopment of Henley Square saw Zoots close its doors and Malobo open theirs. Owners of the new restaurant Mattis and Lukas Vanzati have a globally-inspired passion for food, and this certainly shows through their elaborate menu. The brothers are no strangers to the square, having already established the family name at their other business, Swedish Tarts Henley. So you could say the Vanzatis knew exactly how to please the locals of Henley. 

Served until 2PM, Malobo’s brunch options range anywhere from house-made granola with almond and rhubarb to buckwheat crepes with mushroomy cream-cheesy goodness, blueberry ricotta hotcakes, the classic bacon and eggs, and more. Alike the creative food choices, Malobo’s ample selection of smoothies and teas cater for almost any dietary requirement. 

After 2PM, there are various share platters on offer before an awe-inspiring, heart-rumbling dinner menu. The Vanzati brothers are also winning over the small humans of Henley Square, with an all day kids menu from just $5. 

The restaurant walls are now adorned with freshly-painted artwork that brings the entire place to life, with seascape blues and sunset oranges. The refreshing décor completes the beach-side vibe of the square.

All in all, you really can’t go wrong at Malobo, there’s something here for every one.

All images by Adrienne Goode.