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Panini Paradiso: Cotto Espresso Launch D.I.Y Panineria


Panini Paradiso: Cotto Espresso Launch D.I.Y Panineria

Alexia Frangos

Ever wanted to find a place that Joey Tribbiani would call his second home… and probably buy shares in? Well we’re certain Cotto Espresso would be his new Central Perk in a heartbeat. We were lucky enough to explore with great magnitude the newly renovated Cotto Espresso store in Hyde Park this week. If you want to make your own ultimate-gourmet-delicious-magnificent sandwich without all the hassles and dramas of making it at home, or paying a hefty fee to get a pre-made stale panini for lunch, keep reading!

Cotto Espresso has launched their brand-spanking new Panini Bar *the tune of ‘Celebration’ plays in the distance*. You heard correctly, at their Rundle Mall, Prospect and Hyde Park stores, you can now make what they like to call “our panini, your way”. Other Cotto Espresso locations are soon to have this original aspect in their stores, as well as a new store opening at Gilles Plains this August.

With Cotto being Adelaide’s most approachable and affordable espresso and panini destination, nothing can stand in their way. The way they want to serve customers is simple: offer homemade, delicious and true Italian ingredients at a value-for-money price. All other lunch spots surrounding won’t stand a chance. What’s more, they make all their focaccia, panini and piadina breads on site, along with their homemade marinated vegetables and meat choices including meatballs, schnitzel and roast chicken! These ingredients will taste like they’re straight out of Nonna’s kitchen. Each ingredient that isn’t made on the premises is locally sourced in SA; so you’re getting fresh produce while helping the locals, win!

Order some grub at Cotto but don’t go past their amazing variety of drinks. Searching to sip on a cold bevvie? Try their freshly squeezed juices, iced drinks, gelato frappullato (gelato flavour of your choice blended with ice and milk, topped with whipped cream) or coffee frappullato (the exact same thing but with espresso). If it’s a hot drink your heart desires, their long list of coffee and teas will have you spoilt for choice. But no matter what you decide to drink, you cannot go past Cotto’s latest invention: The Marocchino. A beautiful concoction brought down by the heavens, it consists of all things right in this world: espresso, frothed milk, and NUTELLA. That’s right, Nu-fricken-tella! It’s like a mocha on steroids, but be weary as you could end up ordering four in a row like I did #sleepisfortheweak.

So apologies if I just made you crave all things panini-related… or Nutella-related, but Cotto Espresso will fulfil all your cravings! Their stores are located at Woodville, Hyde Park, Prospect, Rundle Mall, Castle Plaza and soon to be Gilles Plains, suss their website, Facebook and Instagram pages for more info! We’d like to thank Nick, Sam, Maree and Laura from Girl About Town, and the Cotto Espresso staff for their hospitality and kindness.


Images via Alexia Frangos.