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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

A Horse! A Horse! My Kingdom for a Horse!


A Horse! A Horse! My Kingdom for a Horse!

Fleur Brown-Beeby

If you didn’t know this café and coffee roaster's name was taken from Shakespeare’s Richard III, shame on you.

Not really. This place may be stylish, but judgy it is not. 

Example in point: I arrive first, which would usually have great nerve-racking potential – but no! Greeted at the door like a special guest, I am ushered to wait at a bench by the sunny window while a table is prepared. Time to look around. Smells like coffee - did I mention they roast it themselves? 70s orange, patterned bessa bricks slicked white, and just enough plants to make you feel cosy and purify your oxygen intake. Welcome to your new home! Good dawning to thee, friend (King Lear).

Enter companions. Having just climbed Lofty, we want 8 coffees each and every dish on the menu. 

Well, even Shakespeare exaggerated. 

Let me assure you, though, South Australian blue swimmer crab and potato cakes with grilled corn salsa and chipotle mayo needs no exaggeration. It is testament to the smoky, spicy goodness of the chipotle mayo that it can stand as tall as the swimmer crab here. Topping it off, the salsa is bang on in that sweet spot between warm melding flavours and fresh on the tongue.

Blue swimmer crab cakes My Kingdom for a Horse

But hey, if white anchovies are more your thing, man, or if you’re a granola girl, we don’t judge – and I don’t think there’s a bad choice on this menu. Don’t just go for breakfast, either. These kids are open 7-4 every damn day. 

Such stuff as dreams are made on (The Tempest).

My Kingdom for a Horse Barista

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All photos via This is Radelaide