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Urban Asia In The Food Court?


Urban Asia In The Food Court?

Harrison Schultz

They've been popping up everywhere since 2011 and now they're dropping a brand new menu. Keeping up with the idea of healthier fast food, the Bing Boy menu will now feature a bunch of new items to satisfy whatever you crave. There's everything from brunch Bings to dumplings, sweet Bing's and gluten friendly Bing's.

To really experience the new menu, Bing Boy invited us along to a sample night and showed us a little of the best on offer!

Starting up with the option of warm Oolong tea or chilled myTea (check these teas out, awesome alternative to Iced-T or soft drink), we each tried a few dumplings whilst others gave making a wrap a shot. Was it as easy as they make it look? Not even close, it was like writing an essay on a topic you know nothing about, so we'll probably be leaving that to the professionals from now on.

Saving the wrap before its destroyed. Source: Bing Boy

Saving the wrap before its destroyed. Source: Bing Boy

Next up we tried a variety of different bings, including a few gluten free ones, which were equally as tasty as their gluten containing counterparts. Founder and Managing Director Ming Liang Ma and Menu Consultant Bill Petropoulos explained that Bing Boy's menu aims to fulfill several goals; healthy, tasty, fairly priced, use locally sourced ingredients and cater to as many as possible. So does it hit all those buttons? Well if everything above doesn't already confirm it, there's a kids menu available as well. The very last menu item we tried was the Bing in a Bowl, which is all the best parts of a Bing but with brown rice in a huge bowl!

Its fair to say all we need now is a 24/7 Bing Boy to satisfy that post Saturday night town hunger.

All images by Harrison Schultz unless stated otherwise.