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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Kin Kin Thai Eatery a.k.a Straight Outta Bangkok


Kin Kin Thai Eatery a.k.a Straight Outta Bangkok

Alexia Frangos

Adelaide was in dire need of a new Thai restaurant that provides all your favourite dishes with a street food twist that is value for money; that’s where Kin Kin Thai Eatery comes in. Having just opened their doors a fortnight ago, Kin Kin brings the authentic street food flavours of Bangkok onto our plates, planting itself into our memory as our new go-to for Thai cuisine in the city.

Kin Kin has an inviting atmosphere, surrounded by modern wooden furniture and a cool-colour scheme interior. It also incorporates part of Bangkok on their feature wall, capturing your attention straight away. When you walk in all you can do is take in the aroma coming from the kitchen. Smells of chilli, curry, and frying fills your nostrils and makes your stomach rumble. All their pastes, broths, bases and sauces are made on site, with no MSG or preservatives! The wait staff are welcoming and friendly, ready to seat you and make sure you have a great experience... they’re the perfect balance of being attentive without smothering. 

The happiest wall you ever saw.

The happiest wall you ever saw.

The food at Kin Kin will have you returning sooner than you thought, cause it’s that damn flavoursome it’s gonna be addictive. We recommend getting the ‘fresh young coconut’ if you want an extra cool and healthy drink, served chilled and beyond refreshing. They even give you a spoon to eat the coconut jelly inside! Here’s the menu items we indulged on at Kin Kin that made us say Win Win:

'Gai Satay' (2 Skewers) $8
Grilled satay chicken, satay sauce, cucumber relish and grilled bread

Who doesn’t love good ol’ chicken satay, right? This beaut of a starter had me wanting to order 3 more serves, but I restrained myself… just. The satay sauce couldn’t be better even if you went to Bangkok and had it there. It was full of flavour, with a hint of spice and peanut-y goodness in one. Plus, they give you grilled bread to mop up the sauce. Ingenious. 

'Yum Khao Thot' $18
Crispy rice ball salad with minced chicken, fresh ginger, peanuts, fried chilli and lime dressing.

Crunchy. Tasty. Spicy. Tangy. Amazing.
If this is how salads are done in Bangkok, you can sign me the fuck up #youdomakefriendswithslad. This dish comes with a side of beans, cucumber and coriander so you can add to your taste, aren't these guys so thoughtful? Take note everyone else, this salad has reached new standards and my palate wants more. 

'Pad Thai' $20
Traditional stir fried rice noodles with chicken, prawns, egg, dried shrimp, bean sprout, crushed peanuts, garlic, chive and tofu.

The staple of Thai cuisine known 'round the world, Pad Thai is the true test for any establishment like this. If you ain’t got that down pat, you can go home #byefelicia. A huge round of applause goes to Kin Kin for bloody nailing this dish! The balance between sweet, sour, spice and tang was to die for, the noodles were cooked to perfection and all ingredients were beyond quality. Try this one for sure people. Superb dish/11.

'Phrik Khing Moo Grob' $24
Wok fried crispy pork belly, green beans, kaffir lime leaf and homemade chilli paste.

(oh) Snap. (pork) Crackle. Pop (another in my mouth). This dish sounds difficult to get right but Kin Kin deliver once again. This pork belly is sitting pretty in mine. The crackle on the pieces of pork was delectable; beans and kaffir lime go hand in hand with the spicy, authentic chilli paste. No faults here, I just wanted another bowl of it.

'Khanom Co' $9
Smoked jasmine infused caramelised coconut dumplings served in warm coconut cream.

These lil dumplings look so cute you don’t wanna eat them, but they so nice you gotta chow down. The dumpling itself was delicious: outside, a soft, warm sticky rice coating and inside, a crunchy, caramelised coconut filling that’ll warm your heart. A bit of sweetness in the coconut cream brought this dish to the finish line, and some toasted sesame seeds created great texture.

  Served with T2 Jasmine Green Tea.

 Served with T2 Jasmine Green Tea.

Kin Kin Thai Eatery is located at Shop 4/242 Hutt St, Adelaide, they're open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch from 11:30am-3pm and dinner from 5:30pm-10pm - they also offer takeaway! We had a great time at Kin Kin and would like to thank the owners and staff for the fantastic food and experience. Check out their website, Facebook and Instagram pages for more info and pics!

All images via Alexia Frangos.