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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Review: Go-In Canteen


Review: Go-In Canteen

Linh Nguyen

The Go-In Hot Pot crew have just brought you their latest creation, Go-In Canteen. Located in the ever0growing Gouger Street, the whole restaurant is modelled on a street-food concept, specifically Shanghai in the 1970s-80s era. You can definitely see it from all the tightly packed brightly coloured yellow furniture. This completely unpretentious restaurant perfectly replicates street food eating in Asia, with tightly packed tables, giving off a Malay / Taiwanese street-food market vibe.

Their signature dish is xiao long bao, which is basically steamed dumplings usually filled with minced pork or crab and filled with soup. Make sure you take a little bite into it to release the steam so it'll be cooler to eat. They also have some other 'weird' dishes such as pig ears and tripe, and they're all delicious. If you're game enough go ahead and try it! They are marinated and cooked perfectly so your eyes won;t believe your tastebuds.

Most of the dishes are around the $13 mark, and it's even cheaper when you round up a group of friends and everyone shares dishes. The portions here are also FRIGGIN' HUGE so be careful. If you're like me (I always over order at restaurants) then it's perhaps best to order less than more. 

They're opened 7 days a week from lunch time to around 11PM, and later on Friday and Saturday nights.


Words and images by Linh Nguyen.