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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Review: Go-In Hot Pot


Review: Go-In Hot Pot

Linh Nguyen

Ahhhhhh, good old Go-In Hot Pot! Within my circle of friends this place is the go to place during the cooler seasons for a guaranteed good feed that is just so satisfying EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. TIME. This joint is one of my top haunts in Adelaide. Dare I say, it's an institution in Adelaide. I venture into this upstairs restaurant when I want something hot and soupy to shake off the winter blues. There is something so gratifying about eating a hot pot, as it quickly warms you up and makes you feel all nice and fuzzy inside. 

To you hot pot virgins out there, hot pot is essentially a pot of simmering broth that you place on a Bunsen burner, or a hot plate in this case. Surrounding you is an assortment of vegetables, different types of meats, noodles and other little goodies, all prepared and ready to be cooked in the hot broth. There's probably around about twelve different soup bases to choose from, and they're all pretty good, so it's hard to go wrong. 

Eating hot pot is a great bonding session with mates too. You can share a communal hot pot for around $20-25 here, or you can get your own individual hot pot for around $5 each. Even so, the more people you go with the better it gets - you get to pick and choose more side dishes and you can all split the bill after. It works out to be pretty cheap, which is great for us uni students ballin' on a budget.

Non-hot pot dishes available include Xiao Long Bao (Chinese steamed buns) and Shallot Pancake, just to name a few. 

They're open 7 days a week, around noon for lunch time until very late (around 11:30PM week nights and around 1:00-2:00AM on weekends).