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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Get Back Your Summer Mojo With Coco Jumbo


Get Back Your Summer Mojo With Coco Jumbo

Michaela McGrath

With summer peeking its head around the corner and the weather slowing heating up, it can only mean one thing. I scream, you scream, we all scream for … juice? That’s right, forget the ice cream and put down that fro yo, juice season is coming. With fresh flavours, health benefits a plenty and the slick new juice bar Coco Jumbo we’re ready to get sipping.


The Renew Adelaide team are back at it again, transforming unused spaces into Adelaide’s own little slices of heaven. Their latest endeavour sees juice bar Coco Jumbo join the revived line-up of Topham Mall. Only a stone’s throw from the likes of The Flower Nook and The Beigelry, the juice store joins the ranks as the newest kids on the rejuvenated block.

Self described as “the bestest of friends,” owners Andros Georgio and Dominic Matricciani originally planned on naming the juice spot Two Melon Heads in reference to their shared feature of big heads. However, the Mr. President track couldn’t be ignored and after the approval and laughs from their mates Coco Jumbo stuck. With such incredible brand recognition and beats, how could you blame them.

Along with the name, the menu board is not to be taken too seriously. Juice and smoothie titles are set to poke fun at their friends as the menu gets further established, and cup sizes are aptly dubbed Coco and Jumbo. The funky store is easily recognised courtesy of the shop front’s stunning range of fresh fruits ready to be squeezed or blended into a range of refreshing beverages. Meanwhile, the tiled back wall is embellished with neon pink signage that proudly displays their Tania Debono designed logo.  

We loved the fresh flavour combinations of our Coco Jumbo juices. Give the guys a visit and pick up one of their healthy treats from the corner of Anster Lane and Topham Mall. To keep up with the seasonal menus and other antics follow their social media here.


Where? Corner of Anster Lane and Topham Mall. 

All images via This Is Radelaide