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Adelaide, SA, 5000

Indian Temptations: The Gem In The North


Indian Temptations: The Gem In The North

Linh Nguyen

There's a little run-down looking restaurant in the Northern suburbs that is often spoken to be the spot for "the best Indian food in Adelaide". Sweeping statement I KNOW but I have heard many say this when I ask them something along the lines of "so...what's the best place to get Indian food in Adelaide?" and about 9 out of 10 would say "Indian Temptations". Quick confession here from me: this completely unpretentious gem of a restaurant  (I italicised that because it's barely a restaurant - more like a takeaway joint), is my favourite go to place in Adelaide to grab a feed. Yep, over all the fancy restaurants and cafes in the city and the eastern suburbs this restaurant in Blair Athol is my favourite. This is my favourite restaurant in Adelaide. 

Why? Because it ticks all the boxes. The food is SO DAMN TASTY, it's authentic (many Indian families frequent this joint), the food is pack full of flavour, it's spicy and far from bland, the servings are HUGE (so don't be tempted to order too much unless you want to be in a food coma for the next two days), it's extremely reasonably priced and the people who run the joint are very, very friendly. Naturally, they know me by now as I go to eat here or grab takeaway at least three times a month. It is that good! 

My never-fail-to-impress / go-to dishes are samosa chat or samosa (deep fried savoury pastry filled with spicy vegetables) for entrée. Chicken tikka masala with raita, chicken biryani and butter chicken (I love chicken, okay?) for main, garlic naan as accompanying breads, and mango kulfi (creamy mango icecream with dessicated coconut) for dessert. Their nan breads are something to shout about though! They always come pipping hot, soft to tear, pillowy and elastic with a crispy bottom. It is just simply perfect. Sometimes after work (or a hangover) I would come here at 12AM (they open from 11AM to 2AM every bloody day by the way) and just order a garlic naan because YUM. 

Fear not, if you are not into extremely spicy cuisines there are dishes available that are more mild as indicated on their menus. Most people come here to takeaway, although some do eat in if there are seats available.

I really wanted to keep Indian Temptations a bit of a secret to myself because I am greedy like that, but I have now decided to share it to everyone else. Head up there. Eat. Enjoy. Savour it. It is worth the drive if you so happen to live on the other side of town. Trust me. 

All images and words by Linh Nguyen