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Hot August Nights at The Highway


Hot August Nights at The Highway

Alexia Frangos

The Highway have done it again this month with their 'Chilli for Charity' menu. They have tempted our tastebuds and helped us escape the harsh winter nights with some spice, and all for a good cause.

From every meal purchased from the Chilli for Charity menu throughout August, $1 will be donated to the Hutt Street Centre to raise money for those less fortunate, who are feeling the callousness of this season. This very special ‘Hot August Nights’ experience will have you rugged up in front of the fire sipping on winter cocktails, and tasting the best produce this state has to offer.

We were lucky enough to indulge in the whole Chilli for Charity menu, which was so satisfying. You don’t have to love eating jalapeños straight from the jar, or throw chilli flakes on your tongue to enjoy this menu. The fantastic chefs at The Highway have created an approachable and delicious menu for all food lovers, no matter how chilli-sensitive your palate may be.


Beef, Bean & Chilli Soup $8
Cousins with Chilli Con Carne, this soup will have you mopping the bowl with the bread roll it comes out with. The balance of beans, beef, chilli and sour cream will warm your heart - all the way to your stomach. A great way to start your Chilli for Charity experience.

Chilli Octopus, with poached egg, black garlic, almond & potato foam $15
For the daring kind; this weird and delightful combination of flavours will have you asking ‘why didn’t I think of this?’ The octopus goes well with the poached egg, accompanied with the black (fermented) garlic. The depth of spice and pepper in the dish balances with the black garlic. Warning: Eat it quickly, because the potato foam dissolves onto the egg, and octopus is best eaten within minutes. 


Szechuan Pepper Braised Pork Ribs, with spicy coleslaw & fries $34
A meat lovers dream come true. The stack of pork ribs have meat falling off the bone and covered in the Szechuan pepper glaze that’ll keep your fingers dirty and your tummy full. The fries and chilli coleslaw goes down a treat, with the right amount of heat to have you craving your next chilli dish.

Korean Chilli Rubbed Chicken, with sautéed greens & sherry caramel $28
The healthiest looking dish of the night, this chicken breast ticks all the right boxes. Cooked to absolute perfection, crispy and buttery on the outside, soft and cooked through on the inside, the chicken sits on a bed of green beans, broccoli, and bok choy that have been tossed in a sweet and spicy chilli sauce. The sherry caramel dressing is a treat, with a subtle hint of sugar, it ties the dish together. Too good to pass up!

Burning Beef Burger, with jalapeño, chipotle aioli, cheese, lettuce & chips $20
Too hot (hot damn) call the po-lice and the fireman. This burger sneaks up on you with spice. The beef patty is succulent and filling, but contains chopped jalapeños. There are also sliced jalapeños in the burger layered in with the salad and spicy chipotle aioli. However spicy, it was 100% delicious and sandwiched by the best brioche bun I’ve had in a long time. For lovers of spice and American style burgers - 10/10.


Chilli Chocolate Fondant, with vanilla bean ice cream & chilli roasted almonds $12
After sculling 3 litres of water to tame the chilli, we tried this beautifully presented dessert. Don’t be fooled though, the fondant looks innocent but has a kick. When you cut into the dark chocolate cake and taste the oozing goodness it warms your heart before the BAM of the chilli hits. The toffee'd long chilli was crunchy and sweet, with the chilli almonds providing another level of texture. All we can say is thank goodness for the vanilla ice-cream. Share this dessert and sip on some hot or cold winter cocktails. Recommend for anyone who loves fondant or any chocolate treat, a great way to finish off the Chilli for Charity experience.  

Enjoy these wonderful dishes in the bistro and dining area of The Highway, and join them on Friday August 21 for their Vintage Night dress up party, where you can wear your warmest winter vintage outfit, or purchase vintage clothes from Dulcie's Boutique Bus in the car park. All proceeds from the bus, sales from purchased goes to the Hutt St Centre.

This donation is in relation to the recent annual 'walk a mile in my boots' fundraiser. Check out our coverage here.

Follow and tag @hwyhotel - Instagram and hashtag #HWYhotaugustnights to spread word for this great cause. The menu is available until the end of August. 

All images taken by Alexia Frangos.