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Truffle Adelaide at the Central Markets


Truffle Adelaide at the Central Markets

Bonnie McBride

Australia likes to win things. If we are in the top five of anything in the world we want to know about it, get behind it and share our pride. So get ready to fling your full support behind your new favourite fungi... truffles. Australia is in fact the fourth largest truffle growing country in the world. Who knew.

In celebration of us being awesome at one more thing and seeing how Adelaide loves any excuse to throw a festival, this weekend you can be delighted by a stupendous truffle bonanza hosted at the Central Markets. 

Up until too recently, I knew truffles as the more expensive, more cocoa covered and often more alcoholic offerings from a box of assorted Haighs. The chocolate-truffles and the fungus-truffles however are not all that different. Both are more expensive than their more common cadbury/porcini counterparts, both are richer in flavour and both are for those of us with more mature sensibilities and tastes. It would be hard, however, to find a chocolate truffle that is worth more than $2000 per kilo. So basically what I'm saying is if you can't afford truffles sprinkled over your Easy Mac on the daily then hit up the Central Markets this weekend and live the lavish life for a fleeting moment. 

PSA: This is what a truffle looks like 

PSA: This is what a truffle looks like 

The program includes cooking demonstrations from Adelaide favourites Simon Bryant and Callum Hann, who we caught up with earlier this year, as well as a Market Truffle Trail that will have truffle-lovers foraging the Markets for take home pasta ingredients. This includes discovering truffle honey, oil, brie, salami and eggs along the way. You can also stop at Market classics such as Lucias, Zumas and Comida for truffled pasta, paella, panini or a truffled baked potato. 

The truffle kerfuffle will culminate in a three course Grand Truffle Feast on Sunday, that will cost $155 per person (or 77g worth of truffle) but will include custom-made treats such as truffle infused beer by MoonDog Brewers, poached chicken stuffed with truffle and truffle ragout in a French brioche bun. I would honestly recommend a pre-confirmed liking of truffles before embarking on this journey. 

Truffle Adelaide runs from 6-9 of August at the Central Markets. 
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All images via Truffle Adelaide and Adelaide Central Markets

Truffle Adelaide