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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Goood-morning Bonjour Vietnam!


Goood-morning Bonjour Vietnam!

Alexia Frangos

Bonjour Vietnam has been open for almost 18 months, and has gained popularity in the western suburbs for its authentic Vietnamese cuisine, more than reasonable prices, and their take-away and delivery services. We were lucky enough to sit down and taste the delicious menu they had on offer!

Meow meow, this fat cat is hungry.

Meow meow, this fat cat is hungry.

Walking towards Bonjour Vietnam may seem uninviting and easy to pass at first, but its exterior doesn't do the inside justice. The open space of the restaurant creates a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, surrounded by wooden chairs and golden tablecloths, with a traditional but retro bar settled into the background. Tables are simply set with chopsticks, a small plate with a small bowl on top, and a serviette for each place, but if you're horrible with chopsticks and fling them across the room attempting to use them, simply ask the happy wait staff for a knife and fork. 

We immersed ourselves fully into the menu and decided on the first six entreés and a salad (coz fitspo). Getting in over our heads pretty quickly, we managed to eat most of the six entreés and salad, but needed a solid 10 minute breather before receiving our surprise main dishes. After the large, filling main courses, unbuttoning the jeans was the only way to fit in dessert because lesbihonest, we ain't missing out on the sweets.

So here are the vast selection of dishes we devoured at Bonjour Vietnam, just try not to drool on the keyboard:


  1. Spring Rolls (3) - $5.90
    Crunchy on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside. Cooked to perfection and just the right amount, yuuum!
  2. Chicken Satay (3) - $6.90
    Love me some good ol' satay, so this was harshly judged. Honestly a 10/10 with the satay sauce; it was sticky, salty and peanuty, basically everything you want in a sauce. Bonus: the chicken was spot on as well #onfleek.
  3. Porkballs Grilled (2) - $7.90
    These were like Vietnamese meatballs on a stick, quite yummy with a hint of spice, but needed some sweet chilli sauce to accompany it. 
  4. Sugar-cane Prawns (2) - $7.90
    Minced prawn meat mixed with spices, with a long, crunchy sugar cane through the middle and sliced on the angle, enhancing the flavour while cooking and adding texture to the dish. This was an odd but delightful combo of sugar, prawn meat and spices, one to try for those adventurous eaters!
  5. Crab Claws (3) - $7.90
    Weirdly and ingeniously presented, the crab meat is minced, almost replicating meatballs, but easy to grab with the little claws poking out. Really yum for those seafood lovers, and a good basis for starting your Bonjour Vietnam experience. 
  6. Grilled Quail in Herb and Spices (2) - $7.90
    The best entreé of the night; the quails were chargrilled and cooked perfectly, rubbed in spices - with extra on the side to add to your liking - executing a fantastic BBQ flavour.


Vietnamese Salad - $16.90
A combination of sliced, crackled pork (so so tender), fresh vegetables, coriander, crushed nuts and traditional Asian dressing, this salad was huge but scrumptious in the marriage of flavours.


  1. Beef with Chinese Broccoli - $12.50
    Wok fried beef strips tossed with seasonal vegetables in a sweet and spicy sauce, this dish was well executed. The beef was tender as hell, but this is a dish for lovers of chilli, cause this baby's got a kick to it. Munch on it with some steamed rice and you're set.
  2. Fish in Clay Pot - $18.00
    This dish looks wicked and gives you many levels of flavour. Firstly you can smell the caramelisation of the fish - which is Catfish, how cool is that? Secondly the sauce gives you a sweet hit, then as the flavours develop in your mouth you taste a sour yet addictive tang. The fish was cooked absolutely spot on, almost resembling Salmon, soft and melt in your mouth meat that'd easily have you clean up the dish.
  3. King Prawn Sweet and Sour Soup - $18.00
    Huuuge serving! My word, this is not one for the faint-hearted, it was packed to the rafters. This soup was presented colourfully, with the prawns cooked precisely and the vegetables fresh and crisp, topped with fried shallots. The broth had an enormous depth of flavour, the soup had great levels of texture, providing prominent coriander leaf and sugary after-tastes.


  1. Coffee Creme Caramel
    Unsure of the price as this was made as a dessert special and isn't on the menu, but if you book prior to visiting, you can request this dessert. However, this was like no other creme caramel we'd ever had. The custard was cooked nicely providing a strong vanilla flavour, but the espresso sauce gave it a special and unique taste, and actually went well as a whole. 
  2. Mango Pudding Jelly - $4.50
    A yummy mango jelly with chunky, candied mango pieces in the mix, and covered in cold vanilla cream. The gelatinous texture combine with the thick mango pieces was quite refreshing and definitely a must-have for the hotter months.
  3. Fried Ice Cream - $5.50
    This massive fried ice cream will have us going back for more, it was so addictive! The huge scoop of vanilla ice cream was covered in a sponge-like coating and deep-fried, served with an amazing coconut milk sauce and crushed peanuts. Everything you would want on fried ice cream and more, highlight of the night! 

You can order these dishes and more, and have them delivered within a 50 kilometre radius of Bonjour Vietnam's location. They also offer banquets and a huge range of your favourite Asian dishes. You can find their menu and order online from their website and like them on Facebook at Bonjour Vietnam.

Bonjour Vietnam are open for lunch Tuesday to Sunday 10am-2:30pm and dinner Monday to Sunday 5pm-10pm, but are closed Wednesdays. They're located at 183B Hanson Road, Athol Park 5012, and you can call them at 08 7073 9678.

Have you been to Bonjour Vietnam? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

All images taken by Alexia Frangos.