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Park Land Gardening for Good


Park Land Gardening for Good

Bonnie McBride

From the people that brought you awesome events such as East End Wine Down, Adelaide Night Markets, 50,000 meals a year and not freezing to death in winter, Splash Adelaide and the Hutt St Centre have teamed up to bring us Herbie on Hutt. 

Herbie is a solar powered mobile garden that as of the 31st of July has been acting as both a food resource for the Hutt St Centre and an awesome leisure (and physical) activity for members of the Aged City Living Program, as well as members of the community that want to lend some support or assistance. 

Hey Herbie 

Hey Herbie 

Lord Mayor and gardening enthusiast Martin Haese is pretty chuffed about the whole thing. 

 “To be able to bring gardening to people who don’t have access to their own garden to tend, really is a wonderful idea and this definitely adds a new dimension to the whole Splash Adelaide program." 

Having previously taken up residence in Light Square and Wellington Square, Herbie has come with all his herb and vegetable goodness to lend a hand to people that might need it more than those residing in North Adelaide. 

Ian Cox is CEO of the Hutt St Centre and knows the kind of potential that a project like this can have. 

 “Gardening is a combination of physical activity, being at one with nature, developing cognitive awareness and also work satisfaction which combined improves all over wellbeing. 

“The mobile garden will be something that people who visit Hutt St Centre can take pride in and maybe discover a new passion for gardening. 

“I’d love to see projects like the Herbie on Hutt rolled out across the city. It’s a really easy and rewarding way to engage with people who may not have been active members of society for a long time,” he said. 

One of Adelaide's greatest assets is our surrounding park lands, and it seems a shame not to put them to good, edible use. Let Herbie inspire you to make use of your own backyard or get involved in some of the community initiatives that are already in place, such as this list of community gardens compiled by the Adelaide City Council, which can be found here
You can donate to the Hutt St Centre here. 

Image via Splash Adelaide