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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

REVIEW: The Nourish'd Kitchen


REVIEW: The Nourish'd Kitchen

Bonnie McBride

The Nourish’d Kitchen takes the (gluten-free) cake for being the most on-trend establishment in Adelaide right now. There’s cold pressed juice, quinoa porridge, cacao granola and Bulletproof coffee (more on that later). Run by aunty/niece duo Tina Phillips and Katie Stocks, The Nourish’d Kitchen is focused on providing easy options for a healthy lifestyle.

Tina has a background in retail and marketing, while Katie has worked with health food heavyweights, Goodies & Grains. The idea for The Nourish’d Kitchen came after they catered for an event using 100% healthy options (no spring rolls in sight) and were struck by customers reactions and the gap in the catering market. Originally designed with home and office delivery in mind, they decided to incorporate a storefront with quick and easy options (and some killer coffee) into the operation: The Nourish’d Kitchen was born.

Slow cooked lamb and roast vegetable salad 

Slow cooked lamb and roast vegetable salad 

The menu is made up of a range of breakfast and lunch options including coconut granola and chia pudding, as well as a build-your-own, where customers can choose from dukkah crusted eggs, smoked ocean trout, fermented vegetables, haloumi and grain free loafs. For lunch there’s a range of salads and soups including cashew spinach soup and a slaw made up of kohlrabi, cabbage, carrot and black sesame. There’s also the option of adding some slow cooked free range beef, pork or chicken to the mix.

To drink there’s a range of cold pressed juices and smoothies, as well as organic teas and coffees including the Bulletproof. Bulletproof coffee is somewhat counterintuitive to the health conscious caffeine consumer in that it involved the combination of coffee, butter and oil. De-lish. No Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter and canola oil will do the job, the Bulletproof involves high-quality organic coffee, two tablespoons of grass fed butter and MCT coconut oil. Apparent health benefits include reduced risk of heart disease, helping to burn fat, as well as increased and long lasting energy. However, start off with small amounts as it can take your body a while to get used to and feels a bit like wringing out a slice of pizza into your throat (have I sold it to you?).

The Nourish'd Kitchen

The Nourish’d Kitchen’s interior is refined, light and airy and feels as though it has come straight out of a blogger’s dream home. There’s succulents, wood, pastels, granite, hanging ferns and aproned baristas… it really ticks all the boxes. A large communal table dominates the space, with extra seating options in a cushioned corner next to the colourfully juice-filled fridge. While the main focus will be on take away and delivery options, The Nourish'd Kitchen is a delightful spot to catch up over a protein ball and a coffee in an area of Stepney that has been under utilised up until now, your Instagram will thank you for it. 

Where: 3 Ann Street, Stepney 

When:  8am-4pm Mon-Sat 

All images via The Nourish'd Kitchen 

Cacao Granola