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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Rebel Coffee Co.


Rebel Coffee Co.

Bonnie McBride

Fitness and protein shakes go together, coffee and macarons go together, but do coffee and fitness ever meet? Playing the matchmaker in this fairytale is Rebel Coffee Co, a South Australian based company that produces highly caffeinated beans aimed at aiding performance. We sat down with Andy from Rebel Coffee Co to get the low-down.  

How did Rebel Coffee Co. get started?

As active members of the coffee culture, we have consumed way too many coffees over our time around the world. We were passionate about establishing a local coffee company in South Australia and through long days and sleepless nights (and thanks to the help of coffee) we were proud to open our doors in October of 2014.

Rebel Coffee Co has united our love for coffee, bringing people together and leading an active lifestyle. We are very proud of our coffee, our biggest excitement in establishing Rebel Coffee has been the ability to share with the community.

Coffee culture is rarely associated with fitness and working out, do you think that your coffee highlights a gap in the market?

Coffee has been used as a natural performance enhancer for years. Whether an early morning pick me up, boosting productivity in the office or performance the gym. Many of the coffees we had previously experienced with higher caffeine levels fail to hit the mark. Often the taste of the coffee beans and their origins had been lost, due to the beans selected and the roasting techniques.

Rebel Coffee Co. unite the benefits of high caffeine without sacrifice, not only delivering a high quality, high caffeine coffee but most importantly a delicious tasting coffee. We also are active members in the coffee culture and appreciate bringing people together and building a community through our coffee.

Do you have any plans to expand?

The response to Rebel Coffee Co. has been overwhelming over the past 6 months and we are excited for the road ahead. There are some great new opportunities in the pipeline, such as a great new cold brew we are launching in the next couple of months as well as some single origin coffees we have been perfecting. 

As someone who hasn't had a gym membership in over a year and hasn't been to said gym in over two years, I was interested to see how Rebel Coffee would aid my (lack of) performance. The first thing that struck me was the subtlety of the coffee taste. Knowing that the blend was highly caffeinated I thought it would have a stronger taste, but both my boyfriend's mum and I, (who is fitter than half of Instagram's fitsperations), were surprised by the curiously smooth taste.

This can be a good thing and a bad thing. If you are a coffee connoisseur you might miss the richness of a darkly roasted bean, but personally I enjoyed the lightness of it. I should remind you again that it is HIGHLY CAFFEINATED. For the next two hours I was as alert and motivated as a young Arnie Schwarzenegger working the Mr Universe circuit, so probably stick to one cup at a time.

My supremely more active tasting partner tried it out before going to the gym and said that she did notice a difference in her workout, adding that she didn't fall into a slump afterwards and noting that she preferred it to other performance enhancers that give a more artificial sensation. 

To summarise, this is a nice blend to start the day with, especially if you are planning on strenuously exercising your body or brain (still counts). You can grab Rebel Coffee from their website.

All images via Rebel Coffee Co.'s Facebook