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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Review: Assaggio Ristorante


Review: Assaggio Ristorante

Alexia Frangos

Assaggio Ristorante is regarded as one of the most chic, high quality, and award winning establishments in Hyde Park. Where else can you be wined, dined, and taken on a ride to experience some of the best authentic Italian favourites and infusions, right in the heart of Adelaide? Assaggio Ristorante!

Assaggio Ristorante was the first of the three Assaggio establishments around Adelaide, with the Assaggio Café in Campbelltown and Assaggio Gourmet Products Stall at the Central Markets arriving shortly after.


Assaggio Ristorante exterior

Assaggio Ristorante exterior

Situated in the midst of King William Road, Assaggio Ristorante brings a charismatic and welcoming atmosphere from the exterior with the signature colours of red, white, and chestnut brown. The restaurant is much cosier and intimate than its sister Assaggio Café, and it caters for up to 80 people with modern décor of red curtain covered walls and plush cushions, as well as carpet for the flooring, significantly reducing the noise.


image via  Assaggio

image via Assaggio

When arriving to the restaurant, the wait staff are cheerful and welcoming, with pleasant greetings and smiles all-round, whilst all impeccably presented; catering to the diners every need and request with complete professionalism and poise. The tables are draped with white linen tablecloths and set with wine glasses ready to be served with some of the best wines in Adelaide, carefully selected by father and son founders Jan and Marcin Kierno, with some wines from their own collection. The feature of the restaurant is definitely the extensive selection of red wines, presented from floor to ceiling, something we all wish we had in our own homes!

Now onto the most important aspect of the experience (and life in general), the food! From word of mouth and countless praised internet reviews from previous customers, it is intriguing to see what Assaggio Ristorante has to offer in terms of infusions, flavour, presentation, and quality of the dishes. The menu shows an exquisite range of dishes from poultry to seafood, red meat to game, and vegetarian options, Assaggio Ristorante cater for anyone’s taste buds, including allergy sufferers.

Goats cheese with quince paste and truffle oil and basil, served with a warm crostini stick

Goats cheese with quince paste and truffle oil and basil, served with a warm crostini stick

To begin the delightful experience, the lovely chefs prepared some complimentary appetisers for the table after ordering delicious main courses and fantastic wines. After entrées came out and plates were almost licked clean, a small serve of tarty blood orange sorbet was presented as a palate cleanser for us to prepare for the main course.

The main courses were served and presented beautifully. Although on the menu it says allow thirty minutes for preparation, they were worth the wait. With the accompaniment of fresh and local ingredients infused in the Italian style dishes, the meals set our senses off, wanting and craving more with every bite.


If you’re a huge dessert fan like many of us, you cannot go past the dessert menu at Assaggio Ristorante. Whether you’re dining for lunch or dinner, dessert is a must-have item to add to your Assaggio experience. All in-house made desserts are professionally prepared and presented, sending your taste buds on a craving spree for the best tasting dessert in town! The restaurant offers a wide range of desserts perfect for anyone who loves chocolate, coffee, gelato, and everything in between. They also offer an excellent range of T-Bar teas served by the pot – including their own Assaggio Blend – and a variety of coffee choices suited for any mood you’re in.

Unsure where to go next time you’re craving authentic Italian cuisine in the heart of Adelaide? Look no further than Assaggio Ristorante, 92-94 King William Road, Hyde Park, open Monday to Friday 12pm to late, and Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to late.

Check out their website here and like Assaggio Ristorante on Facebook!


All other images taken by Alexia Frangos.