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The Kent Town Hotel - WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!


The Kent Town Hotel - WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!

Rachel Darling

If it’s fake ferns, a giant gorilla and the chance to scream 'welcome to the jungle' (in your best Guns N' Roses impression) that you’re looking for in a restaurant, then Radelaide has a little something for you in the form of The Kent Town Hotel Jungle Restaurant. Formerly known as The Tap Inn, the pub's latest jungle-themed revamp, complete with papier-mâché rocks and plastic flowers, is surprisingly more than just a restaurant in fancy dress. If you’re looking for a scrumptious selection of all you can eat meat teamed with an array of mouth-watering accompaniments - then take a seat my friend because you have found protein heaven. 

The restaurant offers two different menus- an a la carte menu and a Churrasco BBQ (a Brazillian style BBQ with 8 different styles of meat). While the a la carte menu offers a vast range of options, the Churrasco BBQ is definitely the top choice for first-timers. 

The restaurant boasts its own in-house butcher- who obviously slaves away all day, everyday judging by the huge amount of food you get with this selection. Starting with handcrafted house-made sausages and working their way through two different styles of beef, seasoned chicken, two different styles of pork, slow-cooked lamb and marinated salmon, along with your waiter bringing each style of meat to your table and will carve it fresh onto your plate. But wait- here is the most important part: CONTINUOUS SERVICE UNTIL SATISFIED! If that isn’t enough, the meats are also served with a selection of accompaniments such as bread, baby baked potatoes and salad. So if you have an appetite that is rarely slayed or a friend who is always disappointed with their meal size- this is the place to take them. But size isn't everything- and the menu does not disappoint in other areas. You will find the beef rump rubbed with sea salt, the pork belly done in apple cider vinegar and seeded mustard, soya and wasabi-infused salmon and sherry-vinegar chicken thigh cooked to perfection. This is no basic pub menu- and the wine list matches it in impressiveness!

Apart from the jungle-sized meal you will consume, there are other features that may tickle your Tarzan fantasies (no judgment from us). The interior designer has really gone all-out on this one, with a giant gorilla statue to greet you just before your mouth drops open in a silent ‘wow’ at how fantastic the place looks. Private ‘Tree Houses’ also adorn the upper level and are available to rent for private functions- or perhaps a very special jungle-themed date?! 

A lot of detail (and fake ferns) has gone into making this place a really unique experience, and if you can stomach it after your meal, there are even a couple of giant slippery slides hidden amongst the branches!

So, grab your vine and swing on down to the Kent Town Hotel! For more information visit their website HERE.