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Café Paparazzi Launches New Clean Eating Menu


Café Paparazzi Launches New Clean Eating Menu

Brittany Evins

Finding the perfect location to eat out can be one of the most difficult tasks as everyone’s idea of the perfect meal is so different. However, don’t lose hope yet! With the introduction of their new delicious Clean Eating Menu, Café Paparazzi now caters for every appetite.

Paparazzi's rustic, welcoming interior

With a surge in the demand for healthier eating choices, Café Paparazzi’s business owner and director Mirella Morizzi-Tambakis has worked together with leading Osteopath, international owner of Xtend Barre and health guru, Dr. Andrea Robertson, to create a new Clean Eating Menu. Catered to suit every diet, "the menu isn’t paleo, it’s directly focused around the concept of whole-body health and clean eating for everyone," Andrea says.

Free of preservatives, gluten, processed sugar and cow’s dairy, Café Paparazzi’s new menu features breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not only does the Clean Eating Menu have a delicious selection of lunch and dinner plates, you’ll need to leave room for their smoothies, desserts and treats (no stress - everyone knows sweets fit in your second stomach anyway).


Foodie's specialised menu and table setting, lets eat!

Attending the launch of the new Clean Eating Menu on Friday, we definitely agree the new flavours will tempt people from all walks of life. Treated to their menu, we tasted their new dishes, which included a zucchini slice, grilled barramundi, ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter chicken’ and spaghetti bolognese with zucchini pasta and a 'no bun' burger.

As a self-proclaimed pasta enthusiast, I definitely recommended trying the Spaghetti Bolognese with zucchini pasta. This dish will have your mouth watering as the slightly tart zucchini pasta is cooked to perfection and then balanced with the rich, hearty Italian Bolognese sauce. Bellissimo!

Spaghetti Bolognese with Zucchini pasta, topped with goats cheese

‘I can’t believe it’s Not Butter Chicken’ is a perfect twist to your traditional butter chicken, with tomatoes, onion, ginger, garlic, almonds, goats yoghurt and spices, served with steamed bok choy. Paired with brown rice, the chicken is infused with flavours for the healthiest, most flavoursome butter chicken.


'I Can't Believe it's not Butter Chicken'

We were also treated to a banoffee parfait and a tasting platter, which included samples of each dish on the naughty corner of the menu. These scrummy taste testers included bliss balls, florentine spiders and three delicious cashew cheesecakes that were good enough to drive you nutty.

The delicious tasting platter! Featuring: Triple choc swirl cashew cheesecake, Lime and kiwi cashew cheesecake, Berry delicious cashew cheesecake, Paleo florentine spiders and Andrea’s best bliss balls.

Triple choc swirl cashew cheesecake
his chocolaty ocean melts in your mouth with raw cocao, macadamias, raw honey, coconut cream and dates, giving it a rich texture and flavour.

Lime and kiwi cashew cheesecake
With a rush of sweet and savoury, this cheesecake is has a refreshing zing that bursts with flavour in your mouth. It’s enriched with layers of arrowroot, coconut, kiwi, spinach and lime; a must-try dish.

Berry delicious cashew cheesecake
The acidic flavours are balanced perfectly within the rich flavours and creamy texture of the berry delicious cheesecake. With the swirl of berries, coconut oil, sulphate free fruit and hint of blueberries, this natural cheesecake took the cake!

Paleo florentine spiders
A perfect twist combining your childhood favourite spider and Florentine, these sophisticated chocolate covered nuts and seeds melted in your mouth, leaving a nutty crunch.

Andrea’s best bliss balls
Big and ballsy, the consistency of smooth nuts and seeds flow together perfectly, with a hint of tahini. These balls were a sweet favourite of ours!

Banoffee Parfait
This sweet treat drove us bananas. The creamy texture of dates, arrowroot, vanilla and bananas, topped with slices of banana and walnuts created a beautiful selection of flavours. You won’t be able to stop at one mouthful!


Last but not least, to top off the menu were the clean smoothies. If you’re not quite full yet, or just want a pick-me-up, these smoothies are a 100% natural, delicious vegetable meal just by themselves. My personal favorite is the Green Detox Smoothie, featuring standout flavours of celery, ginger and parsley; this smoothie will have you slurping up every last drop. Wake me up before you GoGo-green smoothie also deserves a mention. This smoothie has a perfectly balanced selection of ingredients creating zingy, nutritious goodness - with kale and kiwifruit - a light but scrumptious greeny.

With warm smiles and brilliant service, Café Paparazzi has a relaxing, casual ambience; treating their customers as apart of their family with a ‘homely’ focus. Mirella says, "(we) cater for every walk of life", so if you’re a clean eater, foodie or just want a good ol’ hearty meal, don’t go past Paparazzi’s traditional Italian, clean eating and extensive menu. Yum!

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All photographs taken by Brittany Evins