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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Coming Soon: Kangkong and Gypsy Dragon


Coming Soon: Kangkong and Gypsy Dragon

Bonnie McBride

Waymouth Street’s newest kid on the block is of the conjoined variety.

While all of us have been busying ourselves with Fringe shows and pop-up bars, there have been rumblings behind the walls of the old Credit Union bank on Waymouth Street. These rumblings are getting louder as the opening date of Kangkong, which focuses on Asian-inspired share plates, and Gypsy Dragon, its cocktail counterpart, draws near.

Rob Parsons and Ron Kohli are the duo behind the restaurant/bar combination, and say that they want to provide top quality food in a relaxed and fun environment.
“I have seen the potential for a new venue in the city for some time,” Rob said.

“The time is right for Waymouth Street which is becoming an exciting place to eat and drink within the city square.” 

Think clean, fresh flavours that focus on local produce with a modern twist. That twist comes from chef Matthew Miles, who has spent the past eight years travelling around Asia, Australia and the Middle East and hopes to combine his knowledge with the best South Australian produce.

Umami Crusted Salmon

Umami Crusted Salmon

We were lucky enough to try a sample of what will be on offer at Kangkong and were excited by the inventiveness of the dishes, such as incorporating crushed nori into the salt for sweet potato chips, and the bold flavours that they have been able to tame. Smooth and subtle wasabi dealt with delicately in the avocado and wasabi mousse, accompanied the Umami Crusted Salmon which was simply divine.

The dishes will be affordable ($12-15) and inspired by street food from across Asia, particularly South East Asia, that is made to be shared. As well as the salmon we tried Chicken Satay with a Cucumber Pickle, Beef Tanami with a Daikon Radish Remoulade and Stuffed Squid with a Tom Yum and Squid Ink sauce.

Beef Tanami with a Daikon Radish Remoulade

Beef Tanami with a Daikon Radish Remoulade

Look Out For…

Roast Banana Panacotta - this stand out dessert incorporates Pandan and Kaffir Lime Leaf Meringue, Aloe Vera and Coconut Gels, compressed Puff Pastry with Coriander Sugar and Dragon Fruit to result in an Asian-inspired feast for the senses. The sweetness from the roast banana is subtle enough to keep the dessert light, and the Pandan and Kaffir Lime Leaf meringue provide a refreshing tang.

Roast Banana Panacotta

Roast Banana Panacotta

If the full menu is anything like the sample we tried, the dishes will be fun, moreish and made to share.  

The Set Up

Kangkong will be the place to go for dinner, with a focus on wine, while Gypsy Dragon will be next door and your go-to place for cocktails and some of Kangkong’s treats.

Gypsy Dragon

The cocktail list at Gypsy Dragon, Kangkong’s conjoined bar, has been inspired by ingredients from Chinese herbal medicine. With this in mind, we suggest you skip the GP and head here to be cleared of all your ailments (maybe just as a preventative measure).

Digestion troubling you? Try the Bitter Gourd Tea Martini.

Blood Pressure woes? Add some liquorice root syrup to your drink. How about Thai basil, aloe vera or coriander? All can be found on the cocktail menu at Gypsy Dragon. We even tried a cocktail that tasted exactly like a Zappo, and what’s a better post-work remedy than a big dose of nineties nostalgia.

For best results, administer weekly after 5pm.

Just some of Gypsy Dragon's offerings

Just some of Gypsy Dragon's offerings

Kankong and Gypsy Dragon will be opening at the end of March at 44 Waymouth St, so keep an eye out for when this modern Asian inspiration officially opens!